The Christina piercing, an intimate piercing

The Christina piercing is an intimate piercing for women which, on first sight, looks a lot like a clit piercing. But this is not the case. So what is this Christina piercing exactly? And how does it relate to the classic clit piercing? Read all about it in this blog.

The Christina piercing, not a clit piercing

The Christina piercing is also known as the Venus piercing. It contrasts to the clit piercing the Christina piercing is placed a bit higher, where the labia meets. Where the clit piercing pierces the clit hood, the Christina is a surface piercing. Due to the anatomical differences concerning the upper meeting point of the labia the Christina piercing is not recommended for just anyone.

Due to the Christina piercing being a surface piercing means that firstly, the Christina piercing does not have any effect on sexual stimulation. it is a purely aesthetic piercing. Secondly, because the Christina piercing is a surface piercing the risks of rejection are quite high.

With a healing time somewhere around 3 to 4 months, the Christina piercing is well known for its high risks concerning complications. Because of its location the Christina piercing is exposed to a lot of friction. Being a surface piercing the Christina piercing is very vulnerable to migration. During the process of migration, the Christina piercing is also becomes very receptive to infections.

A complication free Christina piercing

When the Christina piercing does succeed the most common piercings to be worn are the surface barbell, a circular barbell or a ball closure ring. Depending on the exact placement and the anatomy of the labia a piercing preference will be easily made. This because the Christina piercing is sensitive to pressure.

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