About Us

Piercing Mania is a leading online shop specialising in selling Piercing and Earring Jewellery. Founded in 2012, we have already served hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the UK.

Piercing Mania is sourcing jewellery from various suppliers around the globe. We are always looking for quality products to offer our customers a wide variety of jewellery in different styles, materials and price points.

We focus on making buying piercings and earrings online as easy as possible. Understanding the differences per material and additional platings can be pretty complicated. With the help of our material guides and other information provided on each product page, everyone can make the right purchase decisions.
When it comes down to getting new piercings in the correct sizes, our size guides are the perfect help for that. We help customers to learn about the standard or most common sizes for the most popular body parts, matching every piercing.


Navigating the website is easier than ever, thanks to visual icons created for every category. We went above and beyond by making the most logical category trees and writing shopping guides for every product group. Each shopping guide helps you find the perfect new piercing or earring for your specific situation.

At Piercing Mania, we believe transparency about our products and materials is an integral part of the total experience. Our content isn't just smooth sale talk; it's focused on informing customers about essential details, so everyone knows what they are buying.

In addition to beautiful and quality products, we focus on customer service from start to finish. Our team of customer service agents is available to assist with any questions our customers may have before making a purchase. If a product is not completely what was expected, we made returning goods as easy as possible. Hygiene is vital for piercings and earrings, and all our products come hygienically sealed. As part of our service, we allow customers even to return products with a broken seal. Such products are never sold again; instead, we make sure the materials get recycled. For returned products with a broken seal, we provide refunds in rewards points, a form of store credit.

For the delivery of orders placed with Piercing Mania we looked for the most optimal working method. Our fulfilment team works seven days a week to process all incoming orders as quickly as possible. When a product is not in stock but soon available with our supplier, we make it possible to order it anyway. With delivery options in over 200 countries, Piercing Mania can deliver almost to each part of the world. Our central warehouse is located in The Netherlands and with the help of local distribution hubs in the United Kingdom and Germany, we can deliver quickly to our most essential regions.
We tried to offer various shipping methods, allowing our customers to select the speed of delivery and the option to track the delivery. Shipping options may vary per country, but we always accurately calculate the expected delivery time frame based on various relevant data points.

If you have any questions about our products or services, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.


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