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Twister Piercings

Twister Piercing Shopping Guide

The twister piercing is not as well-known as some other piercings, but it is a beautiful and versatile piece of jewellery.

The most common places to wear this piercing are in the ear, the lip or the belly. In this shopping guide you can find more information about this piercing type.

Twister Piercing Sizes

Measuring the size of a twister piercing is not as simple as some other piercings. The diameter is measured from the space between the inner curves of the twister piercing.

The illustration shows how to measure the diameter. The twister piercing is often used to replace a more traditional piercing bar. The diameter of your new twister could be the same as the bar length of your normal piercing.

The bar thickness should also be the exact same as you would normally wear. If you are unsure what the right thickness or diameter for your piercing is, you can measure your current piercing. You can also find the most common sizes for your current piercing by browsing the product category of the piercing type.


Double Spiral Twisters

Next to the typical twister piercings, you can also find some double spiral twister piercings. The principle is the same, but the spiral continues in another loop.

We are always looking for new and exciting jewellery to add to our collection. You might find some lovely new designs so that you can create a unique look of your own.

Twister Piercing Materials

The choice in twister piercing jewellery is limited. However, there are a couple different materials they come in. Below is some more info about the options available.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

The most commonly used material, optionally with a colorful plating. This quality stainless steel contains trace amounts of nickel. Read more about this amazing material in the guide.

14 Kt. Gold

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14 Kt. Gold

14 kt. gold is the best quality material you can find in the twister piercing category. It can be a bit more expensive than other materials, but there is nothing that beats real gold. You can wear the material for a long time with proper maintenance.

.925 Sterling Silver

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.925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is always in high demand. Silver is nickel-free, but it is also very sensitive to tarnishing. Make sure to keep it dry at all times and avoid chemicals to prevent it from discolouring too quickly.

Twister Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare for a twister piercing is no different from any other piercing. For regular cleaning purposes, choose our normal Salt Spray. Combine the Salt Spray with a Healing Butter or Jojoba Oil to take care of the surrounding skin.

If you suffer from irritated skin, the Piercing Care Package is a good option to promote healing. Products from this package are also available to be ordered separately.

Piercing Care Package
Piercing Healing Kit
Per set £12.99
Salt Spray
Salt Spray
Sold Individually £3.75

Thinking about getting a Piercing?

Whether you want to have your first piercing done or are looking for another one, it is always good to get some information first.

Covering topics about sizes, healing period, and more, our guide on getting pierced is an excellent resource of information before you make the decision.

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