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Septum Piercing Shopping Guide

The septum piercing is a special kind of nose piercing located in the septum that separates the nostrils. Unlike a nose piercing, it is not pierced through the nose cartilage, but through a thin fleshy bit, also referred to as the septum sweet spot.

Learn more about the different piercing types that can be used for the septum piercing, sizes, and more. You will also find information about the various materials used for septum piercings.

Not ready to commit to a real septum piercing? The fake piercings category has some nice options for fake septum jewellery.

Septum Jewellery Sizes

The standard thickness for a septum piercing is 1.2 mm. Septum piercings are also the second most common piercings to stretch, after the earlobes. Always consult a professional piercing artist before stretching a septum piercing.

Although the most common diameter is 8 mm, your nose may need a different size.
Whether you want a more tight fit or for your septum piercing to be bigger and more noticeable, there are many choices.

Apart from septum clickers, most piercing rings can be used for a septum piercing. The illustration shows how to measure the length of a septum clicker, and how to measure the diameter of a piercing ring.


Different Septum Jewellery Types

Septum jewellery is a piercing type of its own. Some septum jewellery can often also be worn in other piercings, but some septum jewellery is specifically designed to be used in a septum piercing.

Almost all types of piercing rings can be used for septum piercings. Below you can find some more information about the difference between the two most common septum jewellery types to help you pick the perfect new piercing.


Septum jewellery often comes with either a curved or straight hinged bar. It works much like a hinged segment ring, but is not measured the same way. These piercings come with a wide variety of shapes and looks. The design is typically front-facing and usually quite spectacular.


The different types of piercing hoops are great for a septum piercing. There are plenty of designs and sizes available that can be suitable for the septum. Please note that designs with crystals in the front are more visible than designs with crystals on the side of the ring.

Septum Piercing Materials

There is a wide selection of materials available for septum jewellery. Here you can find more information about the most common materials.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

316L surgical steel is one of the most affordable material options. You can find many pieces of septum jewellery made of this material. Remember that 316L surgical steel is sensitive to discolouration when it is gold plated or contains brass. It also contains trace amounts of nickel, so consider a different material if you are sensitive to nickel.

14 Kt. Gold

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14 Kt. Gold

The most upscale option, but if it is in your budget, we recommend getting a septum piercing made of 14 kt. gold. Yellow and Rose Gold is free of any nickel and, with a bit of care, it won't discolour. Given the prominent location of your septum piercing, it is definitely worth the investment.


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This grade of titanium is used for initial piercing jewellery. It is the highest quality material you can get, as it is hypoallergenic, completely nickel-free and extremely durable. Titanium is a great worry-free material for any piercing. Titanium is slightly darker than 316L surgical steel.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

Good aftercare is important for the healing of your new septum piercing. Due to the sensitive skin inside the nose, use the plain Salt Spray without tea tree for day-to-day care and to help keep your new piercing clean.

Salt Spray
Salt Spray
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Zoutoplossing Spray
Salt Spray XL
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Get a Septum Piercing

Are you thinking about getting a septum piercing? Read our guides for more information about the healing period and what else to pay attention to.

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