Barbell Piercings

Barbell Shopping Guide

Sometimes it can be hard to choose from so many different options, or maybe you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, below you can find a complete guide to all different kinds of barbell piercings, with information on sizes, suitability and more for comparison.

Straight Barbells

The straight bar makes them suitable for almost anything, depending on the available lengths. From the cartilage to the nipple, you can be quite creative with this basic piercing type.

Tongue Piercings

Some straight barbells come with a plating or coating, making them not suitable to wear as a tongue piercing. In this category you will find all barbells that are suitable as a tongue piercing.

Curved Barbells

Also known as banana barbells. This category contains all curved barbells except for belly bars. They can be used for eyebrow piercings, versatile cartilage piercings and much more.

Industrial Barbells

Extra long barbells for your industrial piercing. They come in various shaped bars in various lengths. It’s recommended to order a length of 32 mm and up when you shop for your new industrial.

316L Surgical Steel

Most barbells are made of surgical steel. It looks like silver and shines like it too. Surgical steel will discolour after a while and contains small amounts of nickel.

G23 Titanium

The best quality steel you can buy. Titanium barbells are free of nickel and are extremely durable as well. Titanium is also used when you get pierced.


Often colourful but always affordable. Bioflex or acrylic barbells are flexible, durable and should be in any barbell collection.

14K Gold

Don’t settle for anything less by choosing between yellow or white gold belly bars. 14 karat gold is 100% nickel-free and with a little care, it will always stay beautiful.

Barbell Piercing Sizes

You might want to know what sizes you should get for your new piercing. As barbell piercings are used for so many different body parts, there is no quick way of telling you what sizes to get.

You can use the barbell piercing measurement guide on the right for more help.