Fake Piercings

Fake Piercings Shopping Guide

For one reason or another, many people like to wear ‘fake’ piercings rather than undergo the sometimes uncomfortable procedure of being pierced. Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter, as there are plenty of beautiful alternatives to real piercings.

It is also a good way of checking out how you would look with a piercing before you get the real procedure done.

Explore and compare our wide range of different fake piercings to find one that’s suited to you.

Fake Ear Piercings

Our clip on rings can be placed on the lobe at any point as well as in the tragus or helix. We have some wonderful helix hoops as well that simply clip into place over the circumference of your ear.

Fake Ear Stretchers

Fake ear stretchers do require people who have actual lobe piercings. Simply use the piercing you have to insert the fake ear stretcher. There is no stretching required at all. It is like wearing a normal earring, but in the shape of a taper.

Fake Nipple Piercings

If you have always wanted to have a nipple piercing, but are not totally comfortable with the idea of being pierced, you should try a clip-on nipple piercing. Piercing free, simply clip on these stylish jewellery pieces and enjoy an awesome new look.

Fake Nose Piercings

Nose piercings have always been popular, and now anyone can enjoy the same stylish look, even if you can’t or don’t want to be permanently pierced. Our clip-on nose rings are sized specifically to sit comfortably in the nose, looking like a genuine piercing.

Fake Ear Plugs

These piercings also require real lobe piercings. Rather than requiring any stretching, these awesome looking piercings simply have a thin bar that can be inserted like any normal lobe earring, but gives the wearer the look of someone with ear plugs.

Fake Septum Piercings

Probably the most popular fake piercing there is, the clip-on septum piercing looks indistinguishable from the real thing. Simply clip on and enjoy. Many people love the septum ring look, but not everyone is suited to have one, so this is an alternative.

You might not think that materials matter in fake piercings, as they cannot cause allergic reactions. This is true, however, many of the fake piercings are made of brass which requires special attention and care when cleaning, just as surgical steel does. Not following the instructions outlined in our material guide can result in discolouring.

3 Reasons to Wear Fake Piercings

Not everyone's body is suitable for certain piercings. For example, there might not be enough loose skin in a person's septum to safely get a septum piercing.

It might not suit everybody’s lifestyle choice. Perhaps you are not allowed to wear piercings at your job, and never have enough time away to allow a piercing to fully heal. At least now you can share the look that you truly want.

Many people might simply not want a needle to pierce their body, which is fair enough. Wearing a fake piercing can also be a good way of knowing how a piercing will look on you, and may even help some people’s self esteem.