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Piercing Accessories

Piercing Accessories Shopping Guide

Everyone loses a piercing ball every now and then, so having some extras on hand is always a good idea. Or maybe you have found a cute new piercing, but the bar length is not the right size for you. Luckily, we have plenty of piercing parts to help you out.

In this shopping guide, you can find information about the different piercing parts available in our store, as well as information on how to find fitting sizes.

Piercing Parts Sizes

Whether you need new parts for your current piercing or you want to create a whole new customized piercing, make sure that you choose matching sizes. It is important that the parts have the same bar thickness.

You will find the bar thickness on the product pages of the piercing tops, balls, spikes, and bars. Some of the parts have several bar thickness options to choose from.

  1. Electronic measurement tool for piercings and jewellery
    Electronic measurement tool for piercings and jewelry
    Sold Individually £9.95

How to Measure?

Measuring piercings and piercing parts in particular can be challenging. A ruler or measuring tape can help, but is usually not the best tool for measuring piercings.

With the help of a caliper tool, you can measure ball sizes and bar lengths with ease. We have found an affordable tool that we recommend for anyone who might need to measure their piercings at home.

A caliper tool is a more accurate way to measure your piercings, and some caliper tools allow for measuring with up to 0.1 mm accuracy. We recommend getting a measuring tool with a digital display for an easier measuring experience.

Piercing Parts Materials

When you're in need of a replacement part, you will likely want to choose the same material as the rest of your piercing. 316L surgical steel is often used for piercings, so most piercing parts are also made of this material.

When you are looking for a new bar, you can also consider upgrading it to one made of titanium. This is the best material for piercings, and is also used for the initial jewellery you get from your piercing artist.

You can find more information about the materials used for piercing jewellery on our website. Read more about the various material options available especially if you suffer from any allergies, such as a nickel allergy.

New Piercing Accessories