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Piercing Shopping Guide

We strive to give you the best shopping experience possible. With more than 30.000 different piercings in our collection, an easy to navigate website is essential. You might need some help to find both the right size and the appropriate material when searching for a new piece of body jewellery.

This piercing shopping guide covers various topics that will help you make a well-informed decision. It is also explained how to find specific information about the piercing type you are looking for.

Find the right Piercing Type

There are many piercing types available. Some are specifically made for a single type of piercing, while others are versatile in use. To make things a bit more simple, we have created illustrations to help visualize the different piercing types and terms used.

You can navigate our website by looking for either the piercing type you want, or the body part, for example nose piercings or belly piercings. Each category has its own shopping guide, providing you with detailed information about sizes, materials, and aftercare. Discover the various piercing types available for your new piercing jewellery.


Use filters to narrow your search

Our mission to offer you beautiful piercing jewelry for every style has lead to an extensive collection of piercings. For the largest piercing categories we have created sub-categories to make it easier to find specific piercing types.

Additionally, you can use filters to narrow your search. You can filter the search results by colours, materials, sizes and more. Whether you want to scroll through our selection to see if something catches your eye or quickly find a specific product, there are multiple ways to find what you're looking for.

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Piercing Sizes

Piercing artists take great care when setting a new piercing. However, every body is different. While the standard or most common sizes fit many piercings, some piercings require additional size options.

Throughout the shopping guides and on every product page, our size guides are there to help you find the correct sizes for your new jewellery. We even offer measurement tools, such as a caliper tool with a digital display, allowing you to accurately measure your existing body jewellery.

Size Guides on every product page

Most piercing jewellery is relatively small. Sometimes a difference in length of only 1 millimeter can make a huge difference. The right thickness is even more important. We have tried to make it as easy as possible to search for the perfect fit.

Every product page comes with a size guide that is specifically made for that piercing type. These size guides will include a detailed illustration showing you how each product is accurately measured, as well as the standard or most common sizes. Versatile piercing types will show the various body parts it may be used for, including standard or most common sizes for each.


Material Guides

The importance of body jewellery in the right material is often underestimated. Especially for those with allergies or sensitivities to metals, the choice of material is crucial. Each product page also comes with a detailed material guide. Our material guide overview has information about all the available materials.

Proper maintenance is often required to keep your new body jewellery beautiful for as long as possible. In the material guides we provide more information on the upkeep of different materials.


Piercing Tools

We know how difficult it can be to change piercing jewellery. Fastening tiny balls and stones can be quite difficult, and putting in a ball closure ring or loose segment ring can sometimes take a long time. Piercing tools can make life so much easier if you change your body jewellery often.

Most tools found online are expensive, and therefore most likely only relevant for piercing studios. We offer various helpful tools that won't break the bank.

Piercing Tang om piercing ring open te zetten
Multifunctional Forceps for Piercing Rings
Stainless Steel
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Push claw forceps to place balls and beads
Push claw forceps to place balls and beads
Stainless Steel
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Piercing Aftercare

No piercing can go without correct aftercare. There are different products that can be used for everyday care and products required to deal with irritated skin.

Our selection of piercing aftercare products offers several options for your aftercare needs. Visit the aftercare page to read about the different products and how to use them.