Multifunctional Forceps for Piercing Rings

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Piercing Rings are some of the most popular pieces of piercing jewelry in the market right now. Unfortunately, there is a catch; these rings are almost impossible to place with your bare hands alone.

Piercings Rings like; Ball Closure Rings, Seamless Rings, and Segment Rings without a hinge must be pre-opened before putting it into place. The ring must be closed again as soon as it is in position. Ball Closure Rings and Segment Rings require the ball or segment to be placed back in the correct position before doing so.

This process is quite cumbersome, but these multifunctional forceps should ease the process.

This tool can open and close any piercing ring up 3 mm in thickness. You can find instructions on how to use them below.



The forceps have two notches on the outside.
Place the ring in the notches to stay in place when opening a ring.

Now, use the forceps to open the ring. Do this carefully and make sure that you don’t use too much force.

Open the ring only as much as needed to place it. Be careful not to bend the ring. If too much force is used, or when the ring is opened too much, it will bend or break.


Place the ring in the desired body part.

The forceps inside also comes with notches to hold the ring.
Place the ring in here when closing it.


Again, be careful not to use too much force.
When you’re closing a ball closure ring or segment ring, the ball or segment needs to be kept in place when closing it.

Once a ball closure ring is closed again, the ball needs to be in the middle, so it can be held in place again by both ends of the ring.

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