Septum piercing, really hot?

Summer is in full swing and that’s also true for the septum piercing. Lately, this nose piercing has known how to bring itself back to life and you can maybe even talk about a small hype under trendsetters. Actually quite special, because the septum piercing always has had a striking character and therefore wasn’t accepted in the society completely. On the other hand, that might just be the reason to wear a septum piercing.

About the septum piercing

The septum is the piece of skin that lies directly under the nasal septum. If you grab the bottom of your nose with your thumb and index finger, you can move the bottom of your nose back and forth. When doing this you can feel that the nasal septum stays in place. The movable soft part is where the septum piercing is placed.

Generally speakig the ball closure ring, circular barbell and the segment ring are normally worn here.

Septum clip on piercing

Some people may say that the septum peircing is still not accepted by a lot of people. This is probably due to the fact that many believe that its dangerous and painful, however more importantly its sits in a very obvious place on your face. People who take interest in piercings undertand that this doesnt matter, however for most people its enough to raise eyebrows.

Naturally this creates problems, especially when you’re fond of septum piercings. So what should you do if you want to be a part of the septum trend, but don’t want to take the risk of getting a septum peircing?

Then of course you can choose the clip on version of the septum piercing. Due the pressure from the clip on piercing and the nose wall, the piercing stays in place. Clip-on septum piecings are useful, they evoke the impression of a real septum piercing. Recently Piercingmania has provided its customers with a wider range of clip-on septum peircings so you have plenty of choice.

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