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Conch Piercing Shopping Guide

The conch piercing is a gorgeous ear piercing. There are various pieces of jewellery suitable for a conch piercing.

This shopping guide has more information about the different piercings that can be used for conch jewellery, as well as size and material info for this piercing.

Standard Conch Piercing Sizes

The conch piercing is a versatile piercing. A curved barbell is a popular choice, but we also have a wide selection of cartilage jewellery with straight bars and beautiful tops.

The standard bar thickness for a conch piercing is 1.2 mm, with a bar length of 6 mm. The most common ball and stone sizes are 3 to 4 mm.


Conch Hoops and Rings

A hoop or ring is a popular choice for a conch piercing. There are more subtle plain rings, as well as colourful rings or rings with crystals.

The standard thickness for a conch ring is 1.2 mm, and the most common diameter for a tight fit is 10 mm. Every ear is different, but you could consider a 12 mm diameter for a more loose fit.


Other Conch Jewellery

There are also other piercing types instead of a classic conch ring. Some people prefer a traditional barbell, and some people like the convenience of the flat-backed labret stud.

Although normal earrings can also fit in a conch, please note that earrings are much thinner than piercings. If you wear an earring in a piercing hole, the piercing could start to shrink.


The curved barbell is another popular piercing type for the conch. The curving is comfortable and can be turned to point in a specific direction. The sizes you need are the same as you would need for straight barbells. Try it out for an alternative look on your conch.


The labret piercing has a flat back, so it can be more comfortable to wear on a conch piercing, especially when sleeping. If you find the back ball of cartilage studs uncomfortable or difficult to screw on from the back, this is the perfect piercing type for you.

Conch Piercing Materials

Conch piercings come in various materials. Learn more about the differences below.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

Conch piercing jewellery is usually made of 316L surgical steel. It is strong, durable and often plated with various colours. It contains trace amounts of nickel.


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Titanium conch jewellery is perfect for when you are looking for something that will last. Titanium is hypoallergenic and does not contain nickel, and it won’t discolour.

14 Kt. Gold

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14 Kt. Gold

Many pieces of cartilage jewellery are made of 14 kt. gold. They are available in different designs, with or without crystals. If your budget allows it, you should definitely consider a 14 Kt. gold conch piercing.


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Bioflex labrets are lightweight and flexible. Bioflex piercings often come with beautiful tops. They can be frail but are nickel-free and affordable.

Conch Piercing Aftercare

Proper aftercare is important for your new conch piercing. Cartilage piercings tend to heal more slowly than other piercings. Our Piercing Healing Kit can help with the healing period and with treating inflamed or irritated skin.

For daily cleaning and care, we recommend using a saline solution such as our Salt Spray. Combine with our Piercing Balm or Piercing Wonder Oil for a complete aftercare routine.

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Get a Conch Piercing

Are you thinking about getting a conch piercing? Make sure to select the right piercing studio for you before getting pierced.

We have some helpful tips and information about this.

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