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Wood - Material Guide

For enthusiasts, wood is a beautiful material. The unique appearance of the natural material makes it something special. Not many Piercing Jewellery are available in wood. Especially for Plugs and Tunnels, wood lends itself to make beautiful Jewellery.

In this Material Guide, we take a closer look at the Pros and Cons of Wood.

Introduction to Wood

As said, you won't find a lot of jewellery made of wood. Besides Plugs and Tunnels you can also find Spiral Tapers of this special material. With the other Piercing types it is not common to use wood, but you can find jewellery with, for example, wooden balls.

There are many different types of wood, each with unique properties. This results in Wood Piercings in different colours and with varying patterns. Wood is much lighter than metal, which is pleasant to wear in stretched earlobes. Especially with the larger sizes, the difference in weight is significant.


Pros and Cons

The appearance of wood is unique.
Lightweight and Durable.
Wood is ideal for cold winter days.
Bacteria can nest itself on the wood.
Wood can dry out if not properly cared for.

Wood Explained

Six Carbon atoms, 12 Hydrogen atoms, and six Oxygen atoms make up the most molecules found in Wood. Wood has been around for as long as we remember. Humankind has devised countless applications for Wood. Also for Piercings, and especially for Plugs and Tunnels, Wood is a very fine material.

Wooden Plugs and Tunnels are comfortable to wear because they are lightweight and do not feel cold. If you go outside on a cold winter's day, you will certainly appreciate the difference compared to metal.
Wooden Piercing Jewellery is processed before it is usable. The surfaces are finely sanded, and the product is finished with oil. The oil has a protective effect. It prevents the Wood from drying out and makes it less prone to dirt or stains. Also, the oil often gives a unique color to the Wood.

In spite of the protective effect of the oil, Wood remains susceptible to dirt or bacteria. The dirt or bacteria nest in the structure of the Wood. Good maintenance is therefore important. By regularly oiling wooden jewellery, the Wood remains saturated.

"Regularly oil the wood to keep it saturated."

You will find many Wooden Plugs and Tunnels throughout our website. Bear in mind that Tunnels made of Wood are more fragile than Plugs or other solid designs.

If you find Straight Stretchers made of Wood, these are not suitable for Ear Stretching. The somewhat open structure of Wood isn't safe, so always use steel variants for Stretching.


When you browse our collection for new Body Jewellery, use of the filters to only show Jewellery made of the Material you are after.

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Maintenance Instructions

For the maintenance of your Wooden Piercings, we recommend using Jojoba Oil. This liquid type of wax is ideal for keeping the Wood saturated with oil. It also adds the so desired shine to the material. When oiling your Jewellery regularly, you avoid the Wood to dry out. Dry Wood is more fragile and susceptible to dirt or bacteria.

As bacteria might nest in the Wood's open structure, we recommend using alcohol wipes from time to time. It is best to do this before you oil your Wooden Body Jewellery.

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