Ear Stretching Guide

Stretching the ears is more popular than ever. With the help of this Stretch Guide, you will be able to stretch your ears at home in the correct way. Ear Stretching is not without risk. On this page we provide you with helpful tips to stretch safely.

This Guide is written to use in combination with our Ear Stretching Kits, which comes with all aftercare products needed. If you don't stretch with such a set, we will inform you about alternatives you can use.

What you need

To stretch safely, you will need a few items first. Make sure you have Straight Stretchers from either steel or acrylic. Not every Plug or Tunnel is suitable to wear directly after stretching. We recommend Single-Flared Plugs or Tunnels. These are the ones with an O-ring on one side. Do not use Double-Flared Plugs or Tunnels, as the flares require your ear lobes to be fully healed.

You will also need a lubricant during the process. We recommend using both Jojoba Oil and Piercing Butter. If you don't stretch with one of our Stretch Kits, you can use something like olive oil and vaseline too.




Stretch Plugs / Tunnels


Jojoba Oil


Piercing Butter

Before you begin

Start by taking a nice long and hot shower. Wash your ears thoroughly and let the hot water improve blood circulation in your ears.

Clean both the Ear Stretchers and Stretch Plugs. Apply butter on both piercings.

Step 1

Massage your earlobe to get the bloodstream flowing. Use a bit of Jojoba Oil to lubricate the earlobe.

Hold the buttered Stretcher in front of the earlobe. Ease the Stretcher through the hole in one smooth movement. To avoid any pain, don't push too hard.

Let the Stretcher rest at its thickest point.

Step 2

Take a Plug in the same size. Push the Stretcher out with the Plug, making them trade places. Make sure the Plug is well in place once the Stretcher has fallen out.

Finally, apply the O-ring to the Plug and allow your ear some rest.

Step 3

Immediately after the stretch, your ears will most likely feel very sensitive. Avoid touching your ears and keep them oiled throughout the rest of the day.

Use the Piercing Butter to keep your ears moisturized in the following days.

Step 4

Stretching is challenging for your earlobes. The healing process takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Before moving on to the next size, make sure your ears are fully healed first.

Helpful Tips

We have a few helpful tips that will make your Stretch Journey as pleasant as possible.


Take your time to stretch. Don't move on to the next size too quickly. When you stretch too quickly, you risk getting scar tissue.


Do you want to wear other types of Plugs or Tunnels during the healing period instead of the special Stretch Plugs? If so, avoid Double-Flared Plugs and Tunnels!


Are your earlobes still very sensitive after two days, or do you suffer from inflamed skin? On our website, you can find Aftercare products with tea tree to help with that.