Belly bars, lengthening your belly button piercing

The belly button piercing is probably the most popular piercing there is in the western world. Its immense popularity and the fact that it makes a lot of women feel rebellious and sexy ensures its top position. The belly button piercing is also considered easy to work with in comparison to other more complex piercings. The standard size of 10 mm's in length is for most women perfect. But there is group who are just as enthusiast as the rest but for whom the 10 mm's in length isn't adequate. For those women; don't worry, all you need to do is replace the belly bars.

Replaceable belly bars


Belly button piercings can be divided into two categories. Ones that have an interchangeable bar and those who don't. If you need a length that differs from the standard 10 mm it is important that you pick out belly button piercings that have a interchangeable bar.


Thanks to Piercingmania's neat filters you can filter out all belly button piercings with fixed belly bars. That way you can easily search for a suited belly button piercing.


Once you have found a belly button piercing with an interchangeable bar you can order loose bars from the accessories category. There you will find loose belly bar with a length of 8, 11 or 12 mm's length.


Pregnant belly


It is possible that even 12 mm isn't long enough. Most likely that is when you're pregnant. Even for the biggest bellies there is a belly button piercing. The pregnancy belly bars are 25 mm's in length! These belly bars are made of bio-flex meaning that they aren't only flexible but that they can also be cut off to any desired length.

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