Nose Piercings

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Nose piercings

So many kinds!

Nose piercings come in all sorts of different kinds. In this category, you will find all the piercings that were made for your nose.

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Nose piercing

The nose piercing, a true classic with a rich history. We know the nose piercing as seen in India, a piercing in the left nostril. Nose piercings can be divided into four different types.

Nose piercing online

When looking for a new nose piercing there a few characteristics to pay attention to. The materials, the nose piercing type and the price are often the most important ones. There are several blogs that discuss subjects like materials and piercing types more extensively on our piercing blog. There we discuss all that's related to body jewellery.
One of the advantages of nose piercings is that they are very small. A solid golden nose piercing is very affordable when compared to other, bigger, piercing types. Nose piercings are in general very affordable due to their size.

Nose piercing types

The nose piercing can be divided in four types which each their own character. Piercing Mania summarized each type for you. If you are looking for more extensive information, you should consult our piercing blog.

L-Bend or Stud nose piercings
The stud, also known as L-Bend, is a straight and a round nose piercing. By bending the lower part of the bar, you can make sure the nose piercing is pressing against the nostril. By doing this, you prevent the nose piercing from falling out accidently.

Bone nose piercings
The Bone nose piercing is almost the same as a stud/L-Bend nose piercing. Instead of bending the lower part there is a slight thickening of the bar. This small bulge can easily be pressed through the pierced gap but gives enough resistance to prevent the nose piercing falling out by accident.

Screw nose piercings
The screw nose piercing immediately stands out by its ‘screw’ on the bar. This curvature will press firmly against the nostril ensuring it will always stay perfectly in its place. Therefore, it might require some practice before you’re able to get the piercing in and out easily. Screw nose piercings made from bio-flex are very flexible which makes them far easier to place and remove, they are also very comfortable to wear.

The open nose ring
The open nose ring is a round nose piercing with a small opening. They come in two varieties and some can be worn in two ways. With the opening of the nose ring on the inside of the nose, the nose ring creates the look of a fully closed ring. Some nose rings are decorated on their disk, these rings will keep their opening on the outside of the nose. Some of those nose piercings can be pressed tight.

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