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  • Ball closure ring with cocktail glass dangle

    This gorgeous ball closure ring is made of 316L surgical steel and carries a deep pink crystal. Beneath this crystal hangs a beautiful dangle in the shape of cocktail glass filled with a bright pink drink. To give this dangle the finish it deserves  the glass is decorated with two stir sticks who carry two crystals each.   

  • Gold plated belly button piercing with crystal Playboy bunny

    This belly button piercing is made of 316L surgical steel and fully gold plated. The upper ball carries a clear crystal with a nice glimmer. The real glimmer comes from the lower ball which is shaped as the famous Playboy bunny. The bunny is fully covered in clear crystal and carries either a red or black crystal for an eye.
  • Straight taper of acrylic with rainbowcolors

    This straight taper is made of acrylic and immediately stands out through its bright colors. With a color patron similar to a rainbow this straight taper has a very sweet character strongly reminding of a candy stick.

    Straight tapers are suited for stretching the earlobe.

  • Titanium plated press fit plug with large kristal

    This press fit plug is made of 316L surgical steel and carries a titanium plating. The front of this plug carries an unusual large crystal. The glimmer of the crystal depends on the type of crystal.

    The plug itself is available in a black or Aurora Borealis colour. The crystal is available in a clear version which carries a light glimmer. The Aurora Borealis crystal carries a pretty stronger glimmer.


7 Item(s)

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