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Upper Lobe Piercing Shopping Guide

When you think about a lobe piercing, you might first think of classic earrings. This guide has information about the upper lobe piercing, which is not the same as an earring.

Find out about the different piercing types, sizes, and about the different materials that are used for upper lobe jewellery.

Upper Lobe Piercing Sizes

Upper lobe piercings are pierced by a piercing artist using a special piercing needle. Standard earrings, on the other hand, are sometimes done by a jeweler with a piercing gun. Earrings are much thinner than piercings, so make sure to choose the correct sizes for your upper lobe piercing.

The standard bar thickness for an upper lobe piercing is 1.2 mm, and the most common bar length is 6 mm. The most common top sizes are 3 mm for a ball and 4 mm for a crystal.


Upper Lobe Rings

Piercing hoops are a popular option for upper lobe jewellery. There are plenty of piercing rings that can be used for the lobe. Whether you prefer a more snug fit or a more loose fit, many piercing hoops are available in several diameters.

The standard bar thickness for ear piercings is 1.2 mm. The illustration gives some idea of how the different diameters would look like. Please note that every ear is different, so the sizes can differ from person to person.


Other Lobe Piercing Jewellery

There are quite a few different piercing types that could be used for the upper lobe piercing. In addition to the cartilage studs and piercing rings, there are two other popular options.

You can find more information about labret studs and traditional earrings below.


A labret stud is a great alternative to a normal cartilage stud. The flat bottom part makes this the most comfortable ear stud to wear, and the ball can be unscrewed from the front instead of the back of the piercing. Choose the same sizes you would normally wear for your upper lobe.


Normal earrings are some of the most popular jewellery worn in the earlobes, and they can also be worn in a lobe piercing. Please note that the bar thickness of earrings is much thinner than piercing bars, so wearing earrings in a piercing hole could make the piercing the hole shrink.

Upper Lobe Piercing Materials

Upper lobe piercings come in various materials. Learn more about the differences below.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

Upper lobe piercing jewellery is often made of 316L surgical steel. Solid and affordable but sensitive to discolouration when brass is added. Take into account that this material contains trace amounts of nickel.


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Titanium upper lobe jewellery is ideal when you need something for everyday wear. It is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, and it won’t tarnish.

14 Kt. Gold

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14 Kt. Gold

14 kt. gold has a nice golden glow. It has a luxurious appearance and won't lose its shine if you take care of it appropriately. Aside from that, it's also free of nickel when you get Yellow or Rose Gold.


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A bioflex labret is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to wear as an ear piercing. Bioflex labret studs often comes with stunning top designs made of luxury materials. They are affordable and nickel-free.

Upper Lobe Piercing Aftercare

Proper aftercare is important for your new upper lobe piercing. Our Piercing Care Package can help with the healing period and with treating inflamed or irritated skin.

For daily cleaning and care, we recommend using a saline solution such as our Salt Spray, combined with our Piercing Butter or Piercing Wonder Oil.

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Get an Upper Lobe Piercing

Are you thinking of getting a new upper lobe piercing done? Look into local piercing studios before choosing the right one for you.

We have gathered some tips and information to help.

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