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Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing Shopping Guide

The tragus piercing is one of the smaller ear piercings. There is a wide assortment of piercings you could wear in a tragus piercing.

This shopping guide has more information about tragus piercings and the sizes and materials that are used for tragus jewellery.

Standard Tragus Piercing Sizes

We have a large selection of cartilage jewellery, but not everything fits a tragus piercing. The tragus piercing is one of the smaller ear piercings, so a smaller piece of jewellery can be a better fit than a larger piece.

The standard bar thickness for a tragus piercing is 1.2 mm. The standard bar length is 6 mm. The most common ball and stone sizes can range from 3 to 4 mm.


Tragus Rings

There are plenty of designs available that are ideal for a tragus stud. There are also various piercing hoops and rings you can wear instead.

The most common sizes for tragus rings are a 1.2 mm thickness and a diameter of 6 mm to 8 mm. Every ear is different, so the size you need might be different from someone else.


Other Tragus Jewellery

If you are looking for something other than the classic piercing types, there is plenty of other piercing jewellery you can wear in your tragus piercing.

Although regular earrings can also fit in, keep in mind that earrings are much thinner than piercings. If you wear an earring in a piercing hole, it might shrink to the size of the earring.


Barbells are similar to the cartilage studs you can find in the cartilage jewellery section. A curved barbell, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative option for a tragus. Choose the same sizes as for a regular cartilage stud. Get creative!


Labret studs are another piercing type suitable for a tragus piercing. This design is popular for many piercings, as the ball can be easily screwed on and off from the front. They have a flat back that can be more comfortable to wear while sleeping.

Tragus Piercing Materials

Tragus piercings come in various materials. Learn more about the differences below.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

Often used for tragus piercing jewellery. 316L surgical steel contains a bit of nickel. Yet, it is a high-quality steel that is most times available in different colours.


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Titanium tragus jewellery is ideal if you want something that lasts forever. Titanium is hypoallergenic and free of nickel. It will also never rust.

14 Kt. Gold

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14 Kt. Gold

For a luxurious piece of jewellery, go for tragus piercings made of 14 kt. gold. It's perfect for everyday wear and with a little upkeep it will keep looking shiny and sparkly.


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There are many labret studs with a bioflex labret base. It is lightweight and free of nickel. Bioflex is well worth considering but keep in mind that it can be a bit fragile.

How to Change your Tragus Piercing

Traditional tragus studs can be quite challenging to change. We have a useful tip to make it much easier to put in.


Step 1

Take the ball of the tragus piercing between your thumb and index finger, with the threaded opening pointing forward. 

Step 2

Put the piercing bar with top in position from the front, and screw the parts together by turning the piercing bar.

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

Suitable aftercare is always important. Piercings in the cartilage piercings tend to heal more slowly than other piercings. Our Piercing Healing Kit can help improve the process.

Try our Salt Spray for cleaning, and combine it with our Piercing Butter or Piercing Wonder Oil to help with issues even after your piercing has healed.

Piercing Care Package
Piercing Healing Kit
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Piercing Wonder Oil - ORIGINAL
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Get a Tragus Piercing

Are you thinking about having a new tragus piercing done? Before booking your appointment, look for the most suitable piercing studio for you.

To make things easier, we have some helpful tips about the process.

New Tragus Jewellery