Tongue piercing: the standard sizes

The tongue piercing is a classic piercing, that you can actually find everywhere. The tongue piercing is in contrast to other piercings more difficult to see and partly due to that widely accepted in society. In the same moment the tongue piercing has a sexual and by this challenging character. That’s special, because there are not many piercings over which the same can be said.

The standard size of your tongue piercing

A tongue piercing is actually always 16 mm long and 1.6 mm thick. The tongue piercing is also one of the few piercings where such an unambiguous standard can be named.

Why is that the standard size of a tongue piercing?

If there is a piercing where you can speak of a real standard size, then it’s the tongue piercing. While you see other piercings with a determined standard size and small exceptions of it, that’s not the case with tongue piercings.

One of the reasons is that the tongue muscle changes in thickness continually. Watch yourself in the mirror, press your tongue back and then stick it out as wide as possible. You will see that your tongue can be awfully thick and then thin again. Therefore you need a length, that is not too short, but also not too long. 16 mm is nearly the perfect measure for everyone.

It happens often, that the piercer sets in a longer tongue piercing just after you got shot a tongue piercing. Because the tongue swells after it is pierced, 16 mm are too short. Luckily the tongue is one of the fastest healing places in the body. Therefore the most tongue piercings are already healed after 2 till 4 weeks and the long tongue piercing can be exchanged with the shorter 16 mm version.

Do you need a shorter or longer one? Then there are always loose tongue piercing bars for sale.

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