Snake bites the double lip piercing

Lip piercings, they are very popular amongst women. But when the lip gets pierced double it suddenly also becomes acceptable amongst men. This 'double labret' piercing has a very rebellious character and makes a clear statement. That is way the double lip piercings are mostly worn by those who have a strong appeal towards body modification. In this blog the snake bites piercing, rebellious, a bit dark but sexy as hell.


Snake bites, labrets or circular barbells?


The snake bites are placed below the lower lip well before the corner of the mouth. It is important that you choose an experienced piercer for the snake bites because symmetry is very important. The name comes obviously from the fangs of the snake.


Once pierced and healed most people make a clear decision on what to wear in their snake bites. By far most snake bites are filled with either labrets or circular barbells.


Labrets are mostly worn by women although not exclusively. Labrets are worn by men but they almost always choose for tight steel labrets with no glimmer whatsoever. Women on the other hand can be seen  In comparison to circular barbells labret are more modest.


Circular barbells interrupt the lip and are therefore more eye-striking than the more modest steel balls below the lip. Circular barbells can be worn in different styles. Depending on your exact angle the two balls rest differently creating different looks.

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