Stretcher Taper Jewellery

Ear stretching is a popular form of body modification these days, and here you can find the different kinds of stretchers, plugs and tapers we have available to help.

First, take a look at our handy list of different stretching jewellery types to help you make an informed decision about what you need.

Different Stretcher & Taper Piercing Types


There are three different types of labret jewellery, which are internally threaded, externally threaded and the lip loop. Below you will find a detailed account of each one for easy comparison.

There is also a section on labret piercings made from bioflex as we have such as large collection.

All the information you need regarding jewellery suitability, pros and cons of each, price range and sizes can be found and compared right here.

Straight Stretcher

Straight Stretcher Jewellery

Straight stretcher tapers are very straightforward and the most popular ear stretching taper choice. They are simply straight bars which get smaller in size towards the top, giving it a pointed shape.

Simply insert the piercing small end first it’s as simple as that. O-rings are used to keep the piercing from falling out, while gravity also plays it’s part, keeping the thick part of the piercing at the top to stop the smaller end from simply falling forward.

Simple to insert and held in place with o-rings so very little risk of it falling out.

As it is so easy to insert, people may push it in too far, forcing the stretching process while it is still healing, so know your limits.


Spiral Jewellery

Spiral tapers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. As well as spiral shaped tapers, there are also curved stretchers, buffalo tapers (shaped like a crescent moon) and stirrup hangers which are usually hook-shaped in nature.

These piercings are normally more elaborate and take a little more patience to insert, but are also more secure once in place.

Suitable For - Ear cartilage piercing, lip piercing.

Very secure once in place due to their shape, and also come in a wide variety of sizes.

Can be quite difficult to insert the more elaborate the spiral becomes.

Stretch Plugs

Stretch Plug Jewellery

Ear stretching plugs are specifically designed for the task of helping to stretch your ears, as the name suggests.

They are either no-flared or single flared, meaning that they will be held in place with o-rings when they are inserted. These plugs come in a wide range of sizes to help stretch your piercing to whatever size needed.

Very straightforward way to stretch ears, and not as likely to cause scar tissue as tapers as they are the same size throughout, meaning you are less likely to push it too far.

If you lose an o-ring it is essentially impossible to keep the piercing in place, meaning that you should probably keep a few spare o-rings around just in case.

Ear Stretching Kits

Ear Stretch Kit

Our ear stretching kits are a must-have for any beginner ear stretcher. They contain all the essentials, including oils and balms.

Our All-In-One Stretching Kit is the pinnacle of these sets, as it contains each stretching jewellery type in multiple sizes, jojoba oil which is important for stretching, as well as piercing butter. As well as all this, it comes with our handy, pocket-sized stretching guide. There is no better way to do your stretching than with a kit, which provides you with everything you will need.

Our stretch guides are an essential if you are looking to stretch your ears, and the best part is that they are free, so be sure to grab one when ordering your piercings.

Available Materials


Surgical Steel Stretcher Taper Jewellery

Surgical steel is a popular and simple choice for ear stretchers. Its natural silver shine makes it a pleasant piece of jewellery, while it is also very affordable. If silver is not your thing, it can be plated with several materials such as titanium, gold and rose gold.

Durable, affordable, high quality silver steel.

It is not hypoallergenic which means some people have allergic reactions, and it cannot be used as a first time piercing.

Acrylic Stretcher Taper Jewellery

Acrylic is a harder, more durable plastic which is generally used in jewellery as a way of displaying bright and vibrant colours due to the simple nature of its composition, which allows it to be dyed with most colours. It is often preferred by people who really want to show off their tapers or get a crazy design on it.

Very wide range of colour patterns.

Not suitable for healing.

Wooden Stretcher Taper Jewellery

It doesn’t get much more natural than wooden jewellery. A healthy alternative to plastics and metals, wood is also a beautifully organic look and can be bright or dark, and still retain its elegance. With proper care, wooden jewellery can last a long time, and is also environmentally friendly.

Wood is natural, and absorbs dead skin cells, making infection less likely in comparison to metal. Also does not become as cold as metal in cold weather situations.

Needs to be oiled regularly to prevent cracks or swelling, especially if exposed to water.

Organic Stretcher Taper Jewellery

Organic materials generally come from natural stone or the bone or horn of an animal, such as a water buffalo. It is a healthy alternative to metal, as well as being environmentally friendly. The material allows for adventurous designs and patterns.

Very natural option, and a good alternative for people with sensitivity to metal.

For stone in particular, the heavier material can make healing more difficult, so is not recommended during early healing stages.

Glass Stretcher Taper Jewellery

Glass has become a popular alternative for people who wish to avoid metals or other allergenic materials. Generally, glass jewellery is handcrafted which means the designs can be a little bit wackier than other materials.

Can be designed with a wide range of patterns and colours, as well as into crazy shapes, especially with spiral tapers.

Is obviously a lot more fragile than other jewellery types, but is still usually quite tough. Just don’t try smashing it off a wall or anything!



How to Keep Your Piercing Fresh

It can be a little bit intimidating and even a bit embarrassing to talk about, but your stretcher piercing is going to stink every now and then.

First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of, it is completely natural, and it happens to everyone, so don’t worry.

Second of all, it’s really not that bad, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Third and finally, we do have a solution for this: our Piercing DEO. This fragrant formula comes in original, or For Her with hints of black orchid.

Think of Piercing DEO as a deodorant which also heals the stretched piercing using tea tree oil extracts.

Don’t worry about smells anymore, and give yourself some peace of mind with this wonderful, pocket-sized product.

Some Stretcher Aftercare Tips

Always clean your jewellery with antibacterial soap and warm water. Two exceptions are organic and wooden jewellery, which should be cleaned with a damp cloth and the mildest soap you can find, such as baby soap.

Always wash your hands and keep your piercing area clean, removing dead skin and any discharge daily.

Use salt spray solutions ( to clean your ear twice a day, or as often as needed to prevent irritation.