For whatever reason, many people decide to wear piercing retainers. It is possible to get this subtle jewellery for almost any piercing type, whether you have a belly button piercing or a nose stud.

Retainers are normally made of acrylic or bioflex material as it is softer and can be made see-through.

As these materials are so affordable, everyone should own some retainer jewellery just in case it is needed on short notice.

Below you can browse our different options and get some tips on cleaning and material types along the way.

Different Types of Retainers


Labret Retainer

Labret studs are generally small pieces of jewellery anyway, but sometimes people might need a retainer.

These labret retainers are press-fit securely and see-through to make them almost invisible to the naked eye.

Pregnancy Retainer

A pregnancy retainer is a brilliant, safe and affordable way of making sure your belly button piercing never closes over, even when you are pregnant.
The bioflex material is extremely flexible and will withstand pressure from growth in the belly.
As well as this, the bar is interchangeable meaning you can pick and customise what piercing ball accessories you would like to use if you grow bored of the bioflex beads.

Barbell Retainer

This handy retainer is perfectly suited as a tongue bar retainer, but can also be used for any other straight barbell piercings you might have.

The straight barbell is one of the most popular jewellery types, and having a retainer is always useful.

It also comes in 3 stylish colours of clear, pink and peach.

Nose Stud Retainer

For anyone with a nose piercing a nose stud retainer is a must have. It’s simple design and bioflex material make it easy to insert and remove if you need to take out your usual jewellery.

It comes in black and white and is barely noticeable, which makes it such an effective retainer.

Nose Screw Retainer

This wonderfully flexible nose ring is an alternative option who prefer to wear nose screws rather than nose bones.

It's clear design and extreme flexibility make it an invaluable addition to anyone's collection as it allows the wearer to prevent their piercing from sealing up, while also being able to hide the piercing.

Septum Ring Retainers

Our septum retainers come in both acrylic and surgical steel, and are perfect for anyone who needs to take out their regular septum rings for whatever reason.

These small and barely noticeable retainers can be hidden easily without the risk of your septum healing over.

O-Ring Stud Retainer

The O-ring retainer stud is a very versatile acrylic piercing, more solid than bioflex which is suitable for almost all piercing types other than as a tongue piercing. The simple design makes it easy to insert, and the rubber o-ring will keep it in place. It is a very handy and affordable temporary solution, which comes in both clear and pink.

Belly Bar Retainer

There are many reasons why someone might need a retainer for their belly button piercing, and the acrylic retainer is an excellent and extremely cheap way of realising this.

It is a must-have for anyone with a belly bar, as it will allow them to prevent their belly piercing from sealing up, while also being able to remove a possibly heavier and metallic piercing.

Dermal Anchor Retainer

Anyone who has dermal piercing should get themselves a dermal anchor top. They are barely visible to the naked eye and come in either black or white.
The simple acrylic design makes them so affordable and effective for any occasion. No matter how many dermal anchors you need a retainer for, these are the best option for subtlety.

Available Materials


Surgical Steel Retainers

Only our septum retainers are made from this extremely durable material. It has a natural silver shine and is low priced, which makes it very popular among customers.

Quality steel, natural silver look, very affordable.

Contains small amounts of nickel which may cause allergic reaction.

Bioflex Retainers

Bioflex is one of the softest and most comfortable materials you can get piercing in. Whether you play sport or just want to enjoy a lazy Sunday, bioflex flexibility is perfect for any situation.

Very flexible and weighs much less than steel. Hypoallergenic.

May feel a bit cheaper than steel, and can still break over time despite flexibility.

Acrylic Retainers

Acrylic is a harder than bioflex, skin friendly material made from a versatile material called PMMA. it can be dyed with almost any colour which is why so many acrylic items are brightly coloured. It is softer than steel but still more solid than bioflex, and great as a retainer.

Can be dyed with a wide variety of colours, as well as very clear, making it a great retainer piercing.

Cannot be used in the healing period.

Why Retainers?


5 Advantages of Wearing Retainers

1. You can basically have an invisible piercing, meaning you don’t need to get re-pierced if you remove your regular jewellery.

2. Acrylic and bioflex are softer and very comfortable materials.

3. Generally, our retainers are non-sticking and therefore easier to clean, especially the bioflex jewellery.

4. Bioflex retainers can be cut and trimmed to suit whatever size you need.

5. Our retainers are made of very durable material and will last a long time, whether it’s bioflex, acrylic or surgical steel.

Reasons for Wearing a Retainer

- Pregnant

- Work

- Event

- Medical Procedure

When Is It Safe to Start Wearing Piercing Retainers?


Surgical Steel
Surgical steel can be cleaned with a simple polishing cloth, or can be sterilised in boiling water. It can also be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Bioflex can be rinsed in warm water with antibacterial soap and gently wiped with a dry, thick tissue.

The most effective method for cleaning acrylic is a simple one: by using a glass cleaning cloth, the same as people use for cleaning their glasses. This will pick up any dust and dirt that may have gathered on the jewellery.