Labret Jewellery

We have all the information that you could need regarding our collection of labret piercings here on this page, including our size selection, prices, various material types and proper aftercare for your piercings.

Labret Stud Types


There are three different types of labret jewellery, which are internally threaded, externally threaded and the lip loop. Below you will find a detailed account of each one for easy comparison.

There is also a section on labret piercings made from bioflex as we have such as large collection.

All the information you need regarding jewellery suitability, pros and cons of each, price range and sizes can be found and compared right here.

Standard threaded

Standard Threaded Jewellery

Standard or externally threaded labrets are shafts which screw into the decorative bead at the end of the labret.

The labrets shaft is not hollowed out and has a post at the tip of the shaft that you must place the bead over and twist into the bead.

Suitable For - Ear cartilage piercing, lip piercing.

Cheaper than internally threaded jewellery, more durable than bioflex.

The externally threaded post at the tip of the shaft can be less comfortable to insert than an internally threaded bar, and is also more likely to carry bacteria when the piercing is new.

Internally threaded

Internally Threaded Jewellery

Internally threaded labret studs are very popular and is essentially the opposite of standard threaded piercings.

In this case, the shaft of the labret is hollowed out, and the decorative bead of the labret has a post at the bottom, which is screwed into the shaft itself.

This way, the labret shaft has no post or appendage at the top, making insertion a little bit easier, and the ball can just be screwed in afterwards.

Suitable For - Ear cartilage piercing, lip piercing.

Very durable jewellery and less prone to causing infection as there is no post for bacteria to collect on. It can be inserted much more smoothly.

Internally threaded jewellery has been typically more expensive in the past. Nowadays however, the margin of difference in price has narrowed.

Lip Loops

Lip Loop Jewellery

Our lip loops are all externally threaded pieces of surgical steel jewellery, designed specifically for lip piercings. They are somewhere between a labret stud and a piercing ring, as the metal is bent into a squared shape to allow the piercing to loop through the lip, as the name suggests, and display the decorative beads on each end.

We also have lip loop shafts which can be combined with our massive collection of piercing ball accessories to find an awesome customised look.

Suitable For - Lip piercings.

Very durable and very easy to insert and will not fall out. Also very easy to customise with various bead shapes and styles.

Is quite a bit bigger and heavier than labrets, so needs more time to heal as well as being more likely to get caught in something or get in the way when eating.

Bioflex Labret Studs

Bioflex Labret Stud Jewellery

The bioflex labret stud is a wonderful option for someone who does not react well to metals or is looking for a lighter piercing option.

It is a non-threaded option with jewellery which means that the decorative bead at the top has an external prong which is simply pushed into the bioflex shaft.

Bioflex is a lightweight material, and can be tipped with solid gold or crystals to give it a very classy look.

It is also a cheaper alternative to titanium if you simply want something with no nickel or cheap metals in it.

Suitable For - Ear cartilage piercing, lip piercing.

Hypoallergenic material, meaning they are less likely to cause infections and won’t cause allergic reactions to metal as there is none.

Not as durable as steel and can be bent or broken quite easily.

Available Materials


316L Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel Labret Jewellery

Surgical steel is a very popular metal as it is widely sold and cheaper than other metals. It also has a natural silver shine that gives it an elegant look. Our Basic range of labret studs are all made from surgical steel. Another aspect which makes it such as popular choice is that it can also be plated with materials such as gold and titanium.

Affordable jewellery, wide range of choices, classic silver shine.

Contains trace amounts of nickel which some people may have an allergic reaction towards.

G23 Titanium

Titanium Labret Jewellery

Titanium is the safest affordable metal for piercing. Most first time piercers will go for titanium as it is hypoallergenic and more affordable than solid gold. It is also a very durable metal and will last a long time, while retaining its colour.

Lighter than steel, hypoallergenic and its colour does not tarnish over time.

It is slightly more expensive than surgical steel.

14K Solid gold

Gold Labret Jewellery

Solid gold is second to none in terms of class and luxury. It is the most precious metal available and can come in white or yellow colours. It’s shine never fades and it makes a wonderful gift for someone, or to yourself.

Luxurious precious metal, as well as hypoallergenic.

Most expensive material available.



It doesn’t matter what kind of piercing you get, you must take proper care of your labret piercing wherever it is. This is especially important if you are trying a new material such as surgical steel.

We have a wide range of Aftercare Products which can help with any discomfort or prevent infections.

Our Salt Spray Solutions are handy and pocket-sized, perfect for a busy lifestyle. Use this alongside one of our healing range products such as our Healing Wonder Oil.

We also have a wide range of healing balms and butters which can ensure you get the possible experience from your labret piercing.