Barbell Jewellery

Here at Piercing Mania we have a massive selection of barbells which come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it can be hard to choose from so many different options, or maybe you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, below you can find a complete guide to all different kinds of barbell piercings, with information on sizes, suitability and more for comparison.

Different Barbell Jewellery Types


When it comes to barbell piercings, there are 5 main jewellery types: straight barbells, tongue bars, curved barbells, industrial barbells and surface barbells.

Here you can get all the information you need to know about each barbell type.

Straight Barbells

Straight Barbell Jewellery

Straight barbells are exactly as they sound: a straight shafted bar with a decorative, removable bead on each end.

Straight barbells are the most well-known form of barbell jewellery, and come in a wide variety of materials, colours and sizes.

Suitable For - Almost anything, some tips include tragus, industrial, bridge piercing or tongue.

Very simple to insert and remove as it is simply a straight bar and comes in many sizes. Straight barbells also generally tend to heal faster than circular jewellery.

The longer the barbell, the more likely it is to get caught in something such as an item of clothing.

Tongue Piercings

Tongue Jewellery

Tongue piercing bars are generally double beaded, with one end being a different shape or size to the other. However, regular barbells can also be used in tongue piercings.

Tongue bars seem to be enjoying a revival at the moment, as they are a very popular body modification right now.

Many people enjoy a flashy tongue bar with bright colours and patterns.

Suitable For - All tongue piercing types: midline, frenulum, horizontal, tip and side.

Tongue bars are very versatile and come in many styles, and are not as uncomfortable as they might seem. Tongue piercings also heal quite quickly, generally a month.

Your speech pattern may change depending on the size of the jewellery you choose. Buying a larger tongue bar than you’re used to may feel uncomfortable at first.

Curved Barbells

Curved Barbell Jewellery

Like the straight barbell, the curved barbell has two decorative beads of the same size at each end, but is slightly curved, almost like a bananas shape.

This shape gives it a bit more freedom for certain piercings than the regular barbell, such as in the daith of the ear or a lip piercing.

Suitable For - Most piercings, especially suited to lip and eyebrow piercings.

Curved nature of the barbell actually makes it more suitable to piercings around the lip and eyebrow than the likes of a straight barbell.

There is not as wide a variety in curved barbells as there is in straight barbells in terms of size and materials.

Industrial Barbells

Industrial Barbell Jewellery

Industrial barbells are piercings which will pierce two parts of the upper cartilage in your ear, but can mean any two piercings connected by one barbell.

It is generally a forward-helix and helix piercing, and the singular long bar goes through both holes and fastened into play. It looks like a pull-up bar running along the top of your ear.

Usually, these use a 14g needle to pierce.

Suitable For - Industrial piercings in your ear cartilage.

Very popular and unique looking piercing. The industrial barbell is specifically designed for this one piercing type so you know you are getting the right product.

As the bar is so large and connects to piercings in your ear, it can be quite tricky to heal, even long after getting the piercing. Tends to snag on clothes or pillows, causing discomfort.

Surface Barbells

Surface Barbell Jewellery

Rather than the usual barbell look of shaft and beads, the surface barbell is pierced beneath the skin, so that only the decorative beads are visible. The shaft is essentially invisible, and the piercing looks like 2 studs.

These kind of piercings are popular for people who like to focus on the decorative beads of a piercing, so that they don’t need to worry what the shaft looks like, and can mix and match different bead styles.

Suitable For - Fleshier parts of the body where the shaft of the barbell can be hidden comfortably below the skin's surface such as the belly.

Very subtle barbell piercing as the bar itself is invisible to the eye, and only the decorative beads are able to be seen.

Can take a little bit of time to heal and is more difficult to insert as the bar is completely hidden under the skin, so needs to be inserted gently.

Available Materials


316L Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel Barbell Jewellery

Surgical, or stainless steel is one of the most popular material types in modern piercing due to its affordability and relative sturdiness.

It naturally looks like silver and shines like it too. There is also a very large selection of barbells, including our simple range which is great for mixing and matching as well as trying out new ideas at affordable prices.

Can also be plated with colours such as rose gold, gold or titanium.

Durable steel, natural shine, very popular product.

Tends to discolour with time and contains trace amounts of nickel which may cause allergic reactions.

G23 Titanium

Titanium Barbell Jewellery

Titanium is definitely the first choice for most new piercers, as well as many veterans of piercing.

Its hypoallergenic nature makes it unlikely to cause an infection, as well as being extremely durable.

No nickel within the metal, hypoallergenic, durable.

Only negative here is that it is a little bit more expensive than surgical steel.

14K Solid gold

Gold Barbell Jewellery

Gold has always been the most precious metal out there when it comes to jewellery. It makes a perfect gift, as well as classes up any look.

You need look no further than gold when looking for luxury. It also comes in white gold which makes a great substitute for silver.

Nickel-free, making it hypoallergenic, precious material, and luxurious.

Most expensive material available.

Other Materials



Tips for your Barbell Piercing


Tips for removing and inserting barbells

Although we at Piercing Mania can give you the jewellery you want, unfortunately we can be there to help putting it in for the first time.
Barbells are very straightforward, but here are some little tips in case you need them.

1. If you are in front of the bathroom mirror, be sure to cover up your drain in the sink. It is heartbreaking when you buy a brand new barbell and one of the beads falls down the sink before you ever even try it on.

2. Whether your jewellery is threaded internally or externally, you should still grip the shaft of the barbell and twist the decorative bead.

3. When inserting and removing your barbell, no matter what shape it might be, simply remove the bead on one end, pull out the piercing or insert.

4. Once this is done, it is as simple as screwing the loose bead back in.

5. Some barbells may be more difficult, such as an industrial which goes through two holes, or the circular barbell, but the principle remains the same.

3 Handy ways to clean your barbell at home

1. If your jewellery is made of gold, surgical steel or titanium, boiling it is actually a very good way to sterilise and clean the jewellery, and then dry with kitchen paper for a nice shine.

2. Soak your jewellery in simple washing up liquid and give it a clean. Wipe it with a dry kitchen towel afterwards to achieve a great sheen. This method is not suitable for tongue bars.

3. Finally, a mixture of diatomaceous earth and vinegar is a great way of preventing tarnishing and keeping your jewellery clean.



It’s never too late to think about proper aftercare for your piercing, especially if your new barbell is a material you have never used before.

Try one of our Aftercare Products which can help prevent any health issues such as infection.

Our Salt Spray Solutions are the perfct size for anybody with a busy lifestyle as they fit right in your pocket and can be brought with you anywhere.

Use this alongside one of our healing range products such as our Healing Wonder Oil.

We also have a wide range of healing butters and piercing balms which can soothe irritated skin and help with new piercing.