Plugs and tunnels: The standard size

Plugs and tunnels, for many years they are a fountain of pleasure for many people. Quite logical, because there aren’t that many piercing types that keep you ‘engaged’ for such a long time. We are talking about stretching of course. Because there is actually no maximal size for stretching the earlobe, the question that arises is “what is the standard size for a plug and a tunnel?”

The standard size of a plug or a tunnel

Everyone with a bit of knowledge about plugs and tunnels comes quickly to the conclusion, that it is difficult to name a “standard” size for tunnels and plugs. But there is still something to tell about possible sizes of these piercings.

The first step of stretching takes place after shooting a normal earring of 0.8 or 1.2 mm. If this is healed the stretching can start with a taper of 1.6 mm thickness. After you have reached 2 mm with the following stretch and it is healed, a tunnel or plug can be put in. Consequently the standard starting measure is always 2 mm.

You can keep on stretching as long as you want to. However, Piercing Mania stops offering tunnels and plugs bigger than 35 mm. Many people find this maximal measure already too big. Often you see that people stop stretching after 25 mm, which is also already a very big measure.

The point of no return with plugs and tunnels

Another very important size is the “point of no return”. If you stretch your earlobe further than a certain size, it is nearly impossible to let it close in a natural manner again. Often there has to be used some form of surgery to return the earlobe to its original state.

The point of no return lies somewhere in between 6, 8 and 10 mm. There is no ‘actual’ point, because everyone’s body heals differently. While 10 mm can heal without problem for some, for others 6 mm already is a lot more problematic.

What is especially important for proper healing, is that no scar tissue should develope while stretching. That often happens when people stretch too fast.

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