Piercings online, the purchase guide

Getting the right body jewellery is important. You need to make sure that you have the right piercing type, the right material and the right size. Depending on the piercing type you have (or you want to have) it can be wise to inform yourself properly. As you would be able to get information from your piercer in a piercing studio, we made sure the same information is available on our blogs. Continuing from the All information about piercings blog we will give a practical guide when buying piercings online.  

The correct piercing type

The first thing you need to know is which piercing type(s) you can or should get. This obviously depends on the place you’re pierced. At Piercing Mania, you can either search on piercing type or on the body part where you’re pierced.

If you want to know more about all the possible places you could wear a certain piercing type you should consult the blogs all information about the … piercing. There you’ll find all basic information for each piercing.

Choosing the piercing material

When you know what piercing type you need, you need to decide which material you want to have. By far most piercings are made of 316L surgical steel and they are perfect for most people with a fully healed piercing, as long as you don’t have a nickel allergy.

Besides surgical steel, there are also a lot of piercing available in acrylic, golden plating, titanium, titanium plating or organic materials. Each material has its own pro’s and con’s. Do you want to know more about the different materials? Consult our piercing materials blog.

Piercing shapes and sizes

The last step is getting the size right and that is very important. Not just to make sure that your piercing is comfortable to wear, but also to make sure that it won't create complications. A lot of piercings have a standard size which you can find in the ‘all information about the … piercing’ blogs.

You can also fall back on the size of body jewellery you’re already wearing, that way you know for sure that you got the right size.

Purchasing body jewellery

When you made sure you got the three points above all sorted out you can push through your order. As accustomed we will make sure that your order is sent as soon as possible. There are several payment methods so pick whatever suits you best.

Returning piercings

Despite proper preparations, it might occur that piercings do not live up to your expectations. Not a problem as you can return your order within 30 days after purchase.

However, it is very important that you keep body jewellery in their original, unopened, packaging. That means that you can’t fit your body jewellery. This is due to hygienic guidelines. Would you like to know more about returning orders?

Piercing warranty

Naturally you have warranty on all bought body jewellery. This warranty expires two months after purchase. This warranty does not apply to discoloration of surgical steel or gold plated piercings. Would you like to know more about the warranty conditions?

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