Piercings and lifestyle, does it fit you?

Today piercings are really integrated in our culture and there are only a few people that raise their eyebrow about them. For a while now piercings aren’t limited to a special cultural group anymore. However, that doesn’t mean that lifestyles and piercings don’t have anything to do with each other anymore. Your lifestyle has an incredibly big influence on your healing process.

Does my lifestyle interrupt me from getting a piercing?

There are four lifestyle aspects that have a direct influence on the healing of your piercing. Therefore, it is recommended to think ahead before you get a piercing.

Firstly the season/the weather has an influence on your healing. It is for example really foolish to go swimming with a freshly set piercing. If you know, that you are going on vacation during the summer and want to go swimming there, keep an eye on the recommended healing time.

The second one is physical life habits. Being an ambitious athlete (especially in contact sports) can be an obstacle for the healing process. Fraction, sweat and blows on the body is something to be cautious about. Even though an active lifestyle and piercings can be combined well, it is recommended to think about the planning of the recommended healing time.

Thirdly changing environmental factors are a big influence. Especially if you travel a lot to different climates, that is a giant attack on your body. If you know that you are going to travel a lot in a short period of time is a reason to wait with a piercing until you stay at one place for a longer time.

Finally, there is also your career path. Even though there are a lot of people that think that piercings have no influence on the quality of your work and thus don’t look at it during the interview. Unfortunately it works differently in real life. Especially in jobs where you are in direct contact with clients and/or represent a company, an eyebrow is often raised concerning piercings (and tattoos for that matter).

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