Piercing Hoops and Rings

Hoops and Rings Shopping Guide

Piercing hoops and rings are so popular and versatile, that almost anyone who has had a piercing will probably have owned one at some point or another. Whether it's for your ear, lip, nipple or anywhere, rings are not going out of fashion any time soon.

However, there are 5 main types of piercing rings, so it might be good to know what each is and some information about them.

Ball Closure Rings

Ball closure rings are ringed jewellery with a ball, or bead placed in a small opening in the ring. They are also the most popular hooped jewellery around.

Seamless Rings

Seamless rings have no removable segment or bead at all, but rather have the smallest of gaps in the ring which can be stretched open for insertion and removal, then put back into place.

Segment Rings

Rather than a bead, the segment ring has a removable segment within the rounded ring. It is very tightly compressed, similar to a BCR, to prevent the ring from coming loose.

Horseshoe Rings

Also known as a circular barbell, the horseshoe ring is a rounded piece of jewellery made up of three separate parts, with two beads on each end and a circular shaft, which often resembles the shape of a horseshoe.

Septum Rings

It is a circular piercing which goes through the center of your noses tip, coming out of each nostril. Septum rings do not need to go through cartilage so are not the most difficult piercing to get or to heal.

Insert and Remove BCR’s and Segment Rings Using Forceps

You may have some difficulty placing or removing the bead in your BCR, or segment in your segment ring. We have a solution: our special forceps.

Follow the in-depth guide at the bottom of the forceps page for complete instruction on how to use it properly.

These professional tools are both effective and affordable, making them a must-have for anybody with a ball closure or segment ring.


No matter what kind of piercing you get, it is important to take proper care, regardless of what kind of jewellery you buy. Try one of our Aftercare Products to prevent any serious infections or problems. Our Salt Spray Solutions are handy and pocket-sized, perfect for bringing with you on the go. Use this alongside one of our healing range products such as our Healing Wonder Oil. You should also take a look at our piercing butters and balms for daily care and to avoid future irritations and infections.