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Nose Jewellery

Find out all about our wide range of nose jewellery products here, including information on sizes, price range, jewellery types and how-to guides to cleaning and removing your nose ring.

Nose Product Types


Septum Rings

Septum Ring Jewellery

The septum piercing ring is always a circular shaped piece of jewellery. It goes through the thin strip of skin in your nose, between the cartilage and tip of the nose.

By piercing the skin rather than the cartilage, both pain and healing time is drastically reduced.

All jewellery for septum piercings is generally circular shaped; here are some suggested nose ring types: Ball Closure Rings, circular barbells, septum retainers, plugs and spiral tapers.

Our septum piercings come in a large range of colours and materials which can be found below.

Very versatile jewellery, can be turned around when it is not supposed to be visible, does not leave visible scarring, can be stretched.

Can cause irritation or discomfort when you have a cold or runny nose, can smell the healing process strongly in your nose, but this goes away.

Nose Ring

Nose Ring Jewellery

Nose rings are making a huge comeback right now following their success in the nineties.

We have a wide variety of nose hoops and rings in stock which comes in all manner of sizes and material.

The best jewellery types for a nose ring are seamless segment rings, ball closure rings or open-ended rings.

Our nose hoops and rings come in a large range of colours and materials which can be found below.

So many different colours, styles and sizes to choose from, less likely to cause problems when healing.

A little bit more intrusive than studs as it can get caught on clothes. Not as many gem options as stud.

Nose Stud

Nose Stud Jewellery

The nose stud, also known as an ‘L-Shaped nose ring’ is, as you might have guessed, a nose stud in the shape of an upper-case L.

Due to its ninety degree angled shape, which allows it rest against the nose, it is relatively secure.

It is also much easier to insert and remove than other nose studs.

Our nose studs come in several different material types which can be found below.

Pretty secure fit, large style variety, very easy to insert and remove.

Probably comes out easier than most nose jewellery types if caught in something, may be visible in the nostril.

Nose Screw

Nose Screw Jewellery

The nose screw, also known as a twister or hook, has a spiral shaped stud which makes for very secure piercing.

This piercing needs to be screwed into the nose, and depending on which side of the nose you are pierced, it will screw in either right or left, so be sure to choose the correct side when picking jewellery.

This is one of our most popular piercing types, which allows us to provide a wide range of style and colour.

Much more secure than other piercings and comfortable.

May be visible in the nostril, a bit more difficult to insert and remove.

Nose Bone

Nose Bone Jewellery

The nose bone is a very straightforward design, as it has a straight shaft, with the decorative jewel on one end, and a bulbous bottom so that it does not fall out.

It is very comfortable and does not rest against the inside of the nostril, while also not being very visible.

However, they are usually not good for first-time piercers or healing as the end will be uncomfortable when coming out.

Our nose bones come in a large range of colours and materials which can be found below.

Securely fit, barely visible in the nostril, very comfortable when in.

Cannot be used during healing as the enlarged end will cause discomfort.

Available Materials


316L Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel Nose Jewellery

Surgical steel is very popular for people with nose rings or studs as it is very affordable and has a natural silver shine. A large amount of our nose piercings are made from 316L surgical steel. It can also be plated with gold, rose gold or dark steel.

Quality steel, polished silver look, very affordable.

Contains small amounts of nickel, will discolour over time.


Bioflex Nose Jewellery

Bioflex is the ideal jewellery choice of comfort. Whether you’re lounging on your sofa on a lazy Sunday or out playing a game of football, bioflex flexibility and affordability make it ideal for anyone with a nose ring.

Extremely flexible, lightweight, less chance of infection.

Might feel cheap, can still break.

G23 Titanium

Titanium Nose Jewellery

For first time piercers titanium is the only choice really as the metal does not cause any allergic reactions to the wearer. As well as this it is extremely durable and can withstand the test of time.

Doesn’t cause allergic reactions,very durable, doesn’t lose colour, 100% nickel-free, lighter than steel.

More expensive than surgical steel, darker shade of silver than steel

14K Solid gold

Gold Nose Jewellery

Gold is the most luxurious option you can have, and makes a perfect gift for either yourself or someone else who wants a classier look.

Nickel-free, precious material, and luxurious.

Most expensive material available.

How to insert and remove your Nose Piercing


As there are several different types of nose piercing jewellery, there will be different ways of inserting and removing them. Here are some tips to help get those nose rings in and out if you ever need to.

Nose Stud (L-Shaped)

- Wash everything with antibacterial soap, including your nose, your hands and your nose stud.

- Insert the smaller, bent part of the stud gently into your nose piercing, then turn it inwards and gently push the rest in.

- Check to make sure nose stud is fully in and you can see the bent end in your nostril.

- Removal is simple, just angle the stud downwards as you take it out and feel for the bent end, then remove slowly. Just take your time.

Nose Screw

Wash everything with antibacterial soap, including your nose, your hands and your nose screw.

Push the end of the screw into the piercing, the twist it in the direction of the spiral as you push it in gently, so that the decorative end sits on the nostril.

Check the mirror to make sure the entire screw is visible in your nostril.

Just remember to remove the screw in the same way you inserted it, twisting the opposite direction.

Nose Ring

- Wash everything with antibacterial soap, including your nose, your hands and your nose ring.

- Slip the opening in the hoop over your nostril, taking one of the ends of the hoop and putting it in your nose and twist it through.

- If you have a ball or bead, it is the same procedure, but you must twist it off and on again.

- To remove the ring, simply twist it back around again. In the case of a ball or bead, remove that first then twist it around.

Nose Bone

- Wash everything with antibacterial soap, including your nose, your hands and your nose bone.

- This is the easiest one as you just have to gently push it through your piercing.

- You may have to hold your nostril with your other hand to force the ball through the piercing.

- The bone comes out the same way, but you must be very gentle about taking it out so you don’t damage the inside of your nostril with the holding ball.



When it comes to nose piercing, proper aftercare is so important. You must clean your new nose piercing twice a day for months at a time.

Try one of our piercing aftercare products to get the best results in aftercare and infection prevention. Our Salt Spray Solutions are perfect for daily use alongside one of our healing range products such as our healing wonder oil.

You should also take a look at our piercing butters and balms for daily care and to avoid future irritations and infections.