Lip piercings, which piercing type?

We already discussed al the different lip piercings in a previous blog. But that blog focused on the position of the piercing but not on the type of piercing you can wear in your lip. Therefore another blog that will discuss the different kinds of piercings you can wear in and around your lip.

Labret as the standard lip piercing

The standard piercing to wear in you lip is the labret piercing. Labrets might also be very comfortable to wear on several places in and around the ear but the labret is originally meant for the lip. This because the labret has a specific element within its design to increase and maximize comfort.

This element is the flat bottom you will find on every labret. In contrast to the ball of a barbell the flat bottom of a labret should minimize friction between the piercing and your teeth. A ball as you find them on barbells would have a direct contact with either your gums or your teeth. Friction will cause serious damage to your gums, your teeth and sometimes even both. The labret minimizes this friction by the flat plate at the bottom.

But even a labret can irritate your gums and/or teeth depending on your own physique and the exact placement of your lip piercing. Especially with labrets made from surgical steel this problems occurs. Thankfully there is also a solution for people who experience discomfort from their steel labret, namely a labret made from acrylic or bio-flex.

Bio-flex (or acrylic) is so incredibly soft that it is more likely that the piercing will slightly suffer from the friction rather than your teeth or gums. This is not only much more comfortable but also much better for your teeth.

Do keep in mind however, that a good placed lip piercing shouldn't have much friction in the first place. The harsh reality, unfortunately, proves that a lot of people with a lip piercing do experience certain amounts of friction.

Ball closure rings as a lip piercing

Ball closure rings are regularly worn lip piercings. This does however depend on the distance that lies between the piercing and your mouth. Mostly, a ball closure ring can only be worn as a lip piercing when you are pierced right below (or above) your lip. Further away than that shall prove too far away for most.

Circular barbell as a lip piercing

As a good third the circular barbell can be worn as a lip piercing. It does however have the same distance restrictions as the ball closure ring and should therefore be near the lip. The circular barbell might at first thought give a little more slack regarding the distance since it's an open ring. At second thought you will find out that this is not the case. One of the balls is likely to end up against your teeth causing friction and damaging your teeth.

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