Labret Studs

Labret Shopping Guide

Labret piercings are by far one of the most popular studs due to their comfort and straightforward design. They are easy to change and can sometimes be mixed with interchangeable gems or beads. Labret studs have a flat back plate on one end and a threaded accessory such as a ball, stone or spike on the other.

Standard Threaded

Externally threaded labret piercings have shafts at the top which screw into the piercing ball, meaning you screw the shaft into the ball rather than the other way round.

Internally Threaded

The opposite to standard threaded, the decorative balls screw into the shaft here. The lack of appendage at the top makes the shaft a little easier to insert.

Bioflex Labrets

A hard plastic, bioflex is softer and more flexible than metal and is also hypoallergenic, so suitable for anyone with a metal allergy. Uses press fit jewellery. Learn more below.

Lip Loops

Specially designed labrets which are fashioned to work as lip piercings. The metal is shaped to loop around the lip and has a decorative ball on each end.

Sizes for Labret Piercings

It is very important to get the sizes right for labret piercings, especially if you are wearing it in the lip. You do not want it to be too long, as it may become a nuisance in your mouth, and even get bitten on occasion. Make sure you know your jewellery sizes. If you need a hand with measurements you can check out our piercing sizes guide.

1. Nose

It might be a bit trickier to insert, but smaller labrets make a good nose piercing.

2. Conch

If you get a longer labret stud, it can be suitable as a conch piercing, as long as it’s not too tight.

3. Tragus

The flat back of labret studs makes them particularly comfortable for tragus piercings as they won’t get in the way of earphones or hats.

4. Lobe

Again, the flat back is actually very comfortable compared to the usual bulky back studs of an earring.

5. Helix

Finally, the flat back is again the reason labrets can be a great helix piercing. The piercing won’t dig into the side of your head like bulkier jewellery.


It doesn’t matter what kind of piercing you get, you must take proper care of your labret piercing wherever it is. This is especially important if you are trying a new material such as surgical steel.

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