Industrial barbell: The standard size

The industrial barbell is a special piercing, that often has to go up against the Helix and Tragus piercing concerning popularity. The industrial barbell is a big ear piercing that has a strong character. It is big, and it is long. But how long is a standard industrial barbell?

The standard measure of the industrial barbell

The industrial barbell is a special piercing because it is one of the few piercings that uses two piercing holes. An industrial barbell can be placed horizontally or vertically, but you see, that most people decide for the horizontal version at the top of the ear. Because every ear is different, the room between the two piercing holes differs from person to person.

Therefore the standard measure of the industrial barbell has the longest length, 38 mm. That’s long enough for everyone. On top of that it is no problem if an industrial barbell is a little bit longer. Of course, the focus lies on the length. For small ears, there are also many industrial barbells available with a length of 35 to 32 mm. Those lengths are also often used for vertical industrial barbells.

The standard thickness is just 1.6 mm. That makes it possible to use your industrial barbell in other holes as in helix holes as well.

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