Forceps for ball closure rings and segment rings
Forceps for ball closure rings and segment rings Forceps for ball closure rings and segment rings

Forceps for ball closure rings and segment rings

Material Brass
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Product Description

Ball closure and segment rings are some of the most popular pieces of piercing jewellery in the market right now. Unfortunately, there is a catch; these rings are almost impossible to place with your bare hands alone.

If you want to insert your ball closure ring or segment ring, you will need to pry open the hoop itself. The ring cannot be removed and the piercing inserted until this is done. Then, once this has been done, the process needs to be repeated in order to put the ball or segment back in place. Otherwise, your piercing would simply fall out.

Luckily, our special forcep pliers are specifically designed to help make this process as easy as possible. These tools were designed by professionals, and are tools designed for exactly this task.

In general, these professional tools are too expensive for individuals, and are only held by piercing studios. Thankfully, our forceps are extremely affordable for our customers.

This one plier can open and close any piercing ring up 3 mm in thickness. You can find instructions on how to use them below.

These scissor-shaped pliers are a must-have for anyone with ball closure or segment ring jewellery. Made from durable brass, our professional forceps guarantee long-lasting effectiveness.


Step one

The forceps have two notches on the outside.
Place the ring in the notches to stay in place when opening a ring.

Step two

Now, use the forceps to open the ring. Do this carefully and make sure that you don’t use too much force.

Open the ring only as much as needed to place it. Be careful not to bend the ring. If too much force is used, or when the ring is opened too much, it will bend or break.

Step three
Step four

Place the ring in the desired body part.

The forceps inside also comes with notches to hold the ring.
Place the ring in here when closing it.

Again, be careful not to use too much force.
When you’re closing a ball closure ring, the ball needs to be kept in place when closing it.

Once the ring is closed again, the ball needs to be in the middle, so it can be held in place again by both ends of the ring.

Step four
Additional Information
Additional Information
Item code TO-BCRTPM
Colour Silver
Sold by Price a piece
Material Brass
Brand Piercing Mania
Customer Reviews (3)
One tool to open and close BCR.
Meets my expectations
Bought the forceps to allow me to remove/change my daith piercing. Much easier that struggling to prise the ring apart but still fiddly to get the ball back in place - I guess it just takes practice - or another set of hands!
I had originally looked at separate forceps to open and another set to close the ring but this does both jobs with one tool. Price is less than I was going to pay for separate items.
Review by Nichola (Posted on 17/10/2017)
Meets my expectations
Easy to use, but with less sturdy piercing, might not be essential. Review by Ana Carolina (Posted on 12/06/2017)
Does what it says on the tin!
Meets my expectations
Would recommend this purchase, rather than a makeshift alternative. Review by Aimi (Posted on 09/02/2017)
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