Everything about the lip piercing

The lip piercing is a piercing which is frequently worn by both men and women. This is not surprising since the lip can be pierced in many different ways. In fact, with regard to the area around the lips, and the lips themselves there are almost unlimited possibilities. Some extra information about the most common varieties and the potential piercings that can be worn doesn't hurt.

Many common lip piercings


Probably the most famous lip piercing of all lip piercings. Named after the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe, this piercing is set in the upper left of the upper lip. Almost always, they wear a labret piercing in this spot.


This piercing type is exactly the same as the Monroe piercing, but it’s on the upper right of the lip. A labret is the most common piercing type to put in this spot.


The Medusa is pierced exactly in the middle of the upper lip. A Medusa should be worn with a labret, but people also wear with a ball closure ring and/or a circular barbell.


‘Labret’ is actually the name of a piercing as a jewel, but the location in the middle under the lip has secured this name. Since this is the opposite of a Medusa piercing, this is also worn with a labret, ball closure ring and a circular barbell.

Vertical Labret

The vertical labret looks like the ordinary ‘Labret’ but is pierced in two places. One below the lower lip and the other goes straight through to lower lip. A labret can’t be used here because the piercing requires a curvature. A curved barbell (such as an eyebrow piercing) or a ball closure ring are ideal.


This one is similar to the vertical labret but is worn in the upper lip. The same piercing types can be worn.


The Dahlia is located just next to the corners of your mouth. You can both wear a labret, ball closure ring and a circular barbell. Dahlia is often pierced in pairs and, therefore, resembles a ‘bite’.

The ‘bites’

Except all the piercing types above there is another range of common piercing types which take place around the mouth. The so-called ‘bites’. This umbrella term is accompanied by corresponding typical word such as 'Snake Bites', 'Angel Bites, ‘Spider Bites' and more.

A ‘bite’ consist at least of two piercings which are mostly placed mirrored from each other.


But as mentioned before, the skin around the mouth provides an infinite number of options to be pierced. At Piercing Mania you can search for ‘piercings by body part’ so you can find all types of piercings scheduled that are suitable for a specific body place. You can find this search function right beside the categories on the website. Nice and easy…

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