Stretchers and Tapers

Stretchers and Tapers Shopping Guide

Ear stretching is a popular form of body modification these days, and here you can find the different kinds of stretchers, plugs and tapers that we have available to help. First, take a look at our handy list of different stretching jewellery types to help you make an informed decision about what you need.

Straight Stretchers

Straight stretcher tapers are very straightforward and are the most popular ear stretching taper choice. They are simply straight bars which get smaller in size towards the tip, giving it a pointed shape.

Spiral Tapers

Spiral tapers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. As well as spiral shaped tapers, there are also curved stretchers, buffalo tapers (shaped like a crescent moon) and stirrup hangers which are usually hook-shaped in nature.

Stretch Plugs

Ear stretching plugs are specifically designed for the task of helping to stretch your ears, as the name suggests. They are either no-flared or single flared, meaning that they will be held in place with o-rings when they are inserted.

Ear Stretching Kits

A stretching set is the most efficient and safest way of ensuring you have a trouble-free stretching experience. Whether in acrylic or steel, our sets are designed to take stretching step by step. If you are serious about stretching, this is what you need.


You might have noticed that all of these products have small rubber-like bands wrapped around them. The purpose of these is to keep a stretcher or plug from sliding right out of your ear. Be sure to order your o-ring one size smaller than the piercing it will be worn on, because they are designed to be tightly held in place.

Ear Stretching Kits

If you are going to begin stretching your ear, you need look no further than our All-In-One Stretching Kit. It has absolutely everything you will need to perform the stretching process, including stretchers, plugs and helpful oils, as well as a stretching guide.

Stretching Guide

Our stretch guides are essential if you are looking to stretch your ears, and the best part is that they are free, so be sure to grab one when ordering your piercings.

If your piercing is beginning to smell a little funky, there is a quick and simple solution. Our Piercing DEO is fragrant and comes in original, or For Her with hints of black orchid. Think of Piercing DEO as a deodorant for your stretched piercing that also heals. As well as this, you can follow these tips below.

1. Jewellery

Always clean your jewellery with antibacterial soap and warm water unless they’re organic which should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

2. Piercing

Wash your hands fully when you clean and keep the wound clean.

3. Salt Spray

Use salt spray solutions to clean your ear twice a day, or as often as needed to prevent irritation.


Acrylic is a very lightweight plastic material which is quite popular among tapers and stretchers. Many people choose acrylic for its colour because it can be so vibrant. Its lighter weight compared to steel is also quite helpful for the healing process when stretching.

A staple of piercing materials, surgical steel is commonly used for piercing tapers and stretchers. Durable and affordable, it is a solid material to have as a piercing, as you can be sure the metal will last, with a little bit of care.

A more recent material trend in piercings is the use of organic materials such as water buffalo horn and bone. They can look very unique and are often curved in nature. With regular oiling and keeping it out of extreme heat, organic materials such as this can be a great addition to your stretcher collection.