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Daith Piercing Shopping Guide

The daith piercing is an elegant and subtle little ear piercing with increasing popularity. In this shopping guide we inform you about the various piercing types you could wear on it, and the sizes you might need.

Continue reading to find out more about the materials used, and much more.

Standard Daith Piercing Sizes

We have a large collection of cartilage jewellery, but not every piece is a perfect fit for your daith piercing. As the daith piercing is relatively small compared to other ear piercings, a smaller design can be a better fit.

The standard bar thickness for a daith piercing is 1.2 mm, with a standard bar length of 6 mm. The most common sizes for balls and stones are 3 mm to 4 mm.


Daith Hoops and Rings

Hoops and rings are an excellent match for daith piercings. We recommend choosing smaller sizes for this delicate piercing.

When searching for daith rings, the best fit can be a 1.2 mm thickness and a diameter of 6 mm. If you want a larger ring, you could consider one with a diameter of 8 mm.


Other Daith Jewellery

Despite how small a daith piercing usually is, there are plenty of possibilities for creativity.

We recommend the two most common piercing types for a daith piercing. You can also consider wearing traditional earrings in your daith. Please note that earring bars are thinner than piercing bars.


One of the most obvious choices for your daith piercing is a curved barbell. You can order a curved barbell in the standard sizes mentioned earlier. Straight barbells are also suitable but mostly recommended for a plain look.


Labret studs are another piercing type well worth considering. People praise this design as it allows for the ball to be screwed on from the front. Labrets are also referred to as 'flat backed earrings'. The flat back is known to be quite comfortable while you sleep.

Daith Piercing Materials

Daith piercings come in various materials. Learn more about the differences below.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

This is the most common material for daith piercing jewellery. 316L surgical steel has a silvery shine. However, it contains trace amounts of nickel.


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Titanium daith jewellery is perfect when you want something that lasts forever. It is hypoallergenic and free of nickel. It will also never tarnish.

14 Kt. Gold

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14 Kt. Gold

Go for daith piercings made of 14 kt. gold if it is in your budget. Choose between yellow or white gold, and with proper upkeep it will mantain its sparkle.


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You will be able to find quite a few labret studs with a bioflex bar. Delicate and free of any nickel. Bioflex is an excellent addition to your collection, but it can be somewhat fragile.

Do Daith Piercings help with Migraines?

There have been many people getting a daith piercing to help with migraines. There is no actual evidence that proves such claims, but there are many stories on the internet about actual pain relief after getting a daith done. Be aware that are also some people that suffered more severe attacks after getting a daith piercing. We recommend consulting your general practitioner before deciding to get one.


On which side should I get my daith piercing done for migraines?

This is usually done on the side where the migraine pains are the most severe or happens the most often.

How long does it take for daith piercings to help with migraines?

Based on the information available in the internet it seems that most people see positive effects in the first 12 months. For some people it takes longer, up to 2 years.

Daith Piercing Aftercare

Don't forget about the aftercare for your daith piercing. Cartilage piercings are known to heal much slower than other piercings. With our Piercing Healing Kit, you will be able to deal with or prevent infections.

For daily cleaning and care, we recommend a standard saline solution combined with our Piercing Balm or Piercing Wonder Oil.

Piercing Care Package
Piercing Healing Kit
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Piercing Wonder Oil - ORIGINAL
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Get a Daith Piercing

Are you considering having a daith piercing done? Getting a new piercing is always exciting. You might have some questions first or want some more knowledge about selecting a piercing studio that is the best fit for you.

We have a guide that covers the most important topics before getting pierced.

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