How to change your Tragus piercing

Changing your tragus piercing can be quite a challenge. That's because of the small sized balls on your tragus piercing. Fortunately, there a lots of tips and tricks explaining different challenges piercings bring us. We want to share a simple but useful tip with you about changing your tragus piercing without trouble!

Quick explanation

1 - Take the ball of your tragus piercing between your thumb and index finger, with the screw thread pointed forwards. 

2 - Turn the bar around, also with your thumb and index finger.

Change Tragus Piercing

The detailed explanation

Here at Piercing Mania, we get a lot of questions about the tragus piercing. Most of the time it is about how you should change the tragus piercing. Some people find it really difficult to put on a tragus piercing because of the small ball size.

A lot of people try to put on their tragus piercing by screwing loose one of the balls and putting the bar in from the front to the back. After that a lot of people try to screw on the ball from the back, which makes quite a challenge with those small balls. By reversing this approach, you will give your finger more room to screw the ball on your tragus piercing.

Step 1 -  Screw the ball that is supposed to be in the back loose. In the image, this represents number 1.
Step 2 - Put the ball between your thumb and index finger. Hold the ball in the back of your tragus.
Step 3 - Place the bar(number 2 in the image) through your tragus, from front to back.
Step 4 - Make sure that the thread and the ball are on the same level and that the ball can be screwed back into the piercing.
Step 5 - Instead of turning your index finger and thumb holding the ball, turn the bar(number 2 in the image).

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