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  • How to change your Tragus piercing

    Changing your tragus piercing can be quite a challenge. That's because of the small sized balls on your tragus piercing. Fortunately, there a lots of tips and tricks explaining different challenges piercings bring us. We want to share a simple but useful tip with you about changing your tragus piercing without trouble! Quick explanation 1 - Take the ball of your tragus piercing between your thumb and index finger, with the screw thread pointed forwards.  2 - Turn the bar around, also with your thumb and index finger. The detailed explanation Here at Piercing Mania, we get a lot of questions about the tragus piercing. Most of the Read more
  • Piercings online, the purchase guide

    Getting the right body jewellery is important. You need to make sure that you have the right piercing type, the right material and the right size. Depending on the piercing type you have (or you want to have) it can be wise to inform yourself properly. As you would be able to get information from your piercer in a piercing studio, we made sure the same information is available on our blogs. Continuing from the All information about piercings blog we will give a practical guide when buying piercings online.   The correct piercing type The first thing you need to know is which piercing type(s) you can or should get. This obviously depends on the place you’re pierced. At Piercing Mania, you Read more
  • Piercings of high quality, how do you recognize them?

    Every piercing wearer wants a piercing of high quality of course. Piercings can be bought at lots of different places. Not only at Piercingmania but also at other sites, on the market or during your vacation in foreign countries. But how do you know if it is a piercing of high quality? Therefore two points to pay attention to, so that you don’t buy the wrong piercing. Piercing material well heated and cooled For non-metallic materials like acryl it is difficult to tell with your hands and eyes only, how the quality is. Metals on the other hand are a bit easier to control. If a piercing is made out of the right metal, it is manufactured in a specific manner. For surgical steel, it is espec Read more
  • Belly bars, lengthening your belly button piercing

    The belly button piercing is probably the most popular piercing there is in the western world. Its immense popularity and the fact that it makes a lot of women feel rebellious and sexy ensures its top position. The belly button piercing is also considered easy to work with in comparison to other more complex piercings. The standard size of 10 mm's in length is for most women perfect. But there is group who are just as enthusiast as the rest but for whom the 10 mm's in length isn't adequate. For those women; don't worry, all you need to do is replace the belly bars. Replaceable belly bars   Belly button piercings can be divided into two categories. Ones that have an interchangeable bar an Read more
  • Belly button bars of 8, 11 or 12 mm

    Like so many of our other products, the belly button piercing bar has a standard length of 10mm. This length is normally a comfortable size for everyone to wear however it may be that you find 10mm still too short or long. Sometimes a different length can significantly improve comfort. It may also be that you choose a different material. For example, if you have a nickel allergy then a medical grade stainless steel bar is not suitable. Fortunately, we have loose bars of pure titanium so that you have the chose to pick a nice suitable navel piercing.  Normally a surgical steel bar is not a problem however if do experience an allergic reaction then watch out. Changing your belly button bar Read more

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