Piercing Types

  • Ear piercings, the 11 most popular types

    Countless options to choose from Piercing the ears is by far the most popular. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the 11 most popular types of ear piercing such as the tragus piercing and helix piercing. What type of piercings are used? What sizes do I need? All relevant information for your ear piercing on 1 page. For the 11 most popular ear piercings, we have created categories to show you all piercings that you can wear. Later on in this post, we are going to talk about the most common piercing types and give you more information about the differences. Start shopping right away? Click on one of the images below to see our online assortment for each specific e Read more
  • Standard size of piercings

    There are a lot of different piercing types, which all come in different sizes. That can be a bit confusing at times, especially if your piercing knowledge is limited. Thankfully, Piercing Mania offers a neat solution. On our piercing blog, you’ll find the most diverse blogs on all piercing related subjects. Continuing from our all information about piercings blog this article that helps you discover the standard piercing sizes. Different piercing types and sizes Piercings come in a variety of types like the barbell, circular barbell and ball closure ring that can be worn on a lot of different places on the body. Other piercings are explicitly meant to be worn on a certain place, like th Read more
  • About the piercing types

    Piercings come in all shapes and sizes. You can practically pierce any place on your body and most places have certain sizes or even special body jewellery. Piercing Mania made sure that you can easily access all the necessary information required to make the best decisions. As an follow up on the All information about piercings blog we will briefly discuss the different piercings types. Searching piercing by type or body part? Piercing Mania has designed her website in such a way that you can search for body jewellery in two easy ways. You either search on piercing types or on the body part you want to place your new piercing. Because most piercing types can be worn on several places on t Read more
  • A new ear piercing, the other five

    Ear piercings, in general, are probably the most common type of piercing, especially including the earring. Besides the earring, the ear offers a lot of ways to get pierced. That's why Piercing Mania made a short list of the top ten ear piercings. The first five ear piercings were already discussed on our previous blog. They were the Anti-helix, the Vertical helix, the Scapha, the Conch and the Tragus piercing. In this second blog, we will continue with the other five. The Helix, the Rook, the Snug, the Daith and the Anti-tragus piercing. Do you know another type of ear piercing that you think should be on this list? Or do you have another useful tip concerning ear piercing? Let us know t Read more
  • A new ear piercing, the first five

    Piercing the ear has always been very popular. Especially the regular earring, which has always been the number 1 ear piercing. But there are a whole lot of other possibilities to pierce an ear. Most will be familiar with the tragus and helix piercing, but, wat about the Conch? Or the Scapha? That’s why Piercing Mania made two blogs covering the top ten ear piercings. Besides their location on the ear, we will also point out other important or convenient characteristics. We also made short lists for the types of piercings that can be worn in each ear piercing. This blog will cover the first five ear piercings, the Anti-helix, the Vertical-helix, the Scpaha, the Conch and the Tragus piercin Read more

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