Piercings in General

  • Ear piercings, the 11 most popular types

    Countless options to choose from Piercing the ears is by far the most popular. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the 11 most popular types of ear piercing such as the tragus piercing and helix piercing. What type of piercings are used? What sizes do I need? All relevant information for your ear piercing on 1 page. For the 11 most popular ear piercings, we have created categories to show you all piercings that you can wear. Later on in this post, we are going to talk about the most common piercing types and give you more information about the differences. Start shopping right away? Click on one of the images below to see our online assortment for each specific e Read more
  • How to change your Tragus piercing

    Changing your tragus piercing can be quite a challenge. That's because of the small sized balls on your tragus piercing. Fortunately, there a lots of tips and tricks explaining different challenges piercings bring us. We want to share a simple but useful tip with you about changing your tragus piercing without trouble! Quick explanation 1 - Take the ball of your tragus piercing between your thumb and index finger, with the screw thread pointed forwards.  2 - Turn the bar around, also with your thumb and index finger. The detailed explanation Here at Piercing Mania, we get a lot of questions about the tragus piercing. Most of the Read more
  • Standard size of piercings

    There are a lot of different piercing types, which all come in different sizes. That can be a bit confusing at times, especially if your piercing knowledge is limited. Thankfully, Piercing Mania offers a neat solution. On our piercing blog, you’ll find the most diverse blogs on all piercing related subjects. Continuing from our all information about piercings blog this article that helps you discover the standard piercing sizes. Different piercing types and sizes Piercings come in a variety of types like the barbell, circular barbell and ball closure ring that can be worn on a lot of different places on the body. Other piercings are explicitly meant to be worn on a certain place, like th Read more
  • Piercings online, the purchase guide

    Getting the right body jewellery is important. You need to make sure that you have the right piercing type, the right material and the right size. Depending on the piercing type you have (or you want to have) it can be wise to inform yourself properly. As you would be able to get information from your piercer in a piercing studio, we made sure the same information is available on our blogs. Continuing from the All information about piercings blog we will give a practical guide when buying piercings online.   The correct piercing type The first thing you need to know is which piercing type(s) you can or should get. This obviously depends on the place you’re pierced. At Piercing Mania, you Read more
  • About the piercing types

    Piercings come in all shapes and sizes. You can practically pierce any place on your body and most places have certain sizes or even special body jewellery. Piercing Mania made sure that you can easily access all the necessary information required to make the best decisions. As an follow up on the All information about piercings blog we will briefly discuss the different piercings types. Searching piercing by type or body part? Piercing Mania has designed her website in such a way that you can search for body jewellery in two easy ways. You either search on piercing types or on the body part you want to place your new piercing. Because most piercing types can be worn on several places on t Read more

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