• An earring isn't a real piercing

    The earlobe seems to be predestined to be pierced. In nearly all cultures and throughout history you see earrings (and ear piercings). In the most various ways this piece of skin is pierced and most of the time without a problem. The earlobe has only a few nerves and blood vessels and can nearly deal with all materials. You just don’t have to think that having an earring is more or less the same as having any other type of (ear)piercing. Therefore a blog to point out the difference between an earring and an (ear)piercing. An earring isn’t a piercing You could claim, that an earring isn’t a piercing in any way. The earlobe contains, as one of the very few places in the body, nearly no Read more
  • Cubic Zirconia crystals on piercings

    Crystals, stones, CZ and probably you encountered even more terms while dealing with the glistening stones that are used on our piercings. That they aren’t real diamonds is obvious, but what are they then? Cubic Zirconia crystals on piercings Right, the abbreviation CZ comes from Cubic Zirconia crystals. This type of crystal is relatively new. Even though discovered in 1892 commercial production only began in 1976. The big difference between the two dates is caused because there wasn’t a good use for the stone at first. When the need for an alternative for diamonds grew, the solution was found with the Cubic Zirconia, and that is for a good reason. Diamond versus Cubic Zirconia Diamond Read more
  • Cartilage piercings, set, not shot

    The cartilage piercing, officially it can be placed anywhere on the body as long as it goes through cartilage. In reality, this is mostly restricted to the nose and ear piercings. By far most people mean an ear piercing when they refer to a cartilage piercing. Although it's a very outdated practice there are still places where you can 'shoot' a cartilage piercing rather than have one set with a needle. Cartilage piercings, always set, never shot You might know the 'eargun' when you have an earring. It shoots an earring right through your earlobe with quite the amount of force. Back in the day this eargun was also regularly used to shoot cartilage piercings such as the helix or the tragus pie Read more
  • Tragus piercings, a new category

    The tragus piercing, one immense popular piercing that is worn by a lot of people. Not that strange since ear piercing already have been quite popular and the tragus is of course no exception. But it can sometimes be a bit confusing when searching for new tragus piercings. Therefore we created the new tragus piercing category to make the search a little bit easier. The tragus piercing The tragus, the small piece of cartilage right in front of year ear canal. Discreet yet clearly visible. The tragus piercing seems to have a lot of appeal to many different types of people. But not only to people, also to piercings. That goes for a lot of piercings in the ear in general. A lot of different pier Read more
  • 5 ear piercings for your earlobe

    Ear piercings are already popular for quite some years now, for instance the helix piercing. They are piercings, that aren’t seen as piercings by a lot of people, but they still have a different radiance than other earrings. But that’s not only due to the location, piercings also often have a more rebellious and stronger radiance. What if you don’t have any further piercings, but, you want to wear a piercing? Then you simply wear it in your earring. The thickness of your earring Earrings actually don’t differ that much from other piercings. Except that earrings are shot most of the time instead of being set by hand, the normal earring also goes through your skin. The difference lies Read more

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