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  • Helix piercings, a quickly sorted selection

    The helix piercing, along with the tragus piercing one of the most frequent ear piercings. Pierced through the edge of your ear the helix can hold a wide variety of piercings. Although there are specific helix piercing which only can only be worn in the helix there are also numerous other piercings (like the labret piercing and the tragus piercing) that are suited for the helix. To make the search easier we came up with a new category, the helix piercing category. The helix piercing The helix piercing refers to the piercing on the outer edge of your ear, through the cartilage shell. The helix is visible from both the back of the ear and the front. Because the piercing is near the edge there Read more
  • Intimite piercings - The clithood piercing

    In this  blog, we discuss the female clit piercing, the clit hood piercing. Until recently genital piercing was quite unusual. In the early 1990's the clit piercing slowly gained popularity, which kept rising until this day. This blog will focus on the different piercings that can be worn in the clit-hood.   Intimate piercings, through the clit-hood Although the vagina can be decorated in many ways, we limit this article to the clit hood piercing. Before getting the clitoris piercing, you should be aware of some of the risks involved regarding the nerves that are located in the clitoris. Always ask a professional piercer before getting this particular piercing done. As explained the c Read more
  • The different types of Nosepiercings

    Nose piercings come in many shapes and sizes. Being informed before getting a piecing is crucial. However, if you already have a piecing then it is always useful to get some further information. Therefore this blog where we will discuss the 'nose piercing'. Like most other piercings, the nose piercing is an age-old concept. Evidence of the nostril piercing is seen throughout history far beyond the beginning of time, there is even evidence of the nose piercing in the bible. Cultural influences from India are largely responsible for the popularity of the nose piercing in Western society. During the 1980's the nose piercing was seen as 'rebellious' however nowadays it is just as accepted as an Read more

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