• Piercings and lifestyle, does it fit you?

    Today piercings are really integrated in our culture and there are only a few people that raise their eyebrow about them. For a while now piercings aren’t limited to a special cultural group anymore. However, that doesn’t mean that lifestyles and piercings don’t have anything to do with each other anymore. Your lifestyle has an incredibly big influence on your healing process. Does my lifestyle interrupt me from getting a piercing? There are four lifestyle aspects that have a direct influence on the healing of your piercing. Therefore, it is recommended to think ahead before you get a piercing. Firstly the season/the weather has an influence on your healing. It is for example really fo Read more
  • Septum piercing, really hot?

    Summer is in full swing and that’s also true for the septum piercing. Lately, this nose piercing has known how to bring itself back to life and you can maybe even talk about a small hype under trendsetters. Actually quite special, because the septum piercing always has had a striking character and therefore wasn’t accepted in the society completely. On the other hand, that might just be the reason to wear a septum piercing. About the septum piercing The septum is the piece of skin that lies directly under the nasal septum. If you grab the bottom of your nose with your thumb and index finger, you can move the bottom of your nose back and forth. When doing this you can feel that the nasal Read more
  • The Christina piercing, an intimate piercing

    The Christina piercing is an intimate piercing for women which, on first sight, looks a lot like a clit piercing. But this is not the case. So what is this Christina piercing exactly? And how does it relate to the classic clit piercing? Read all about it in this blog. The Christina piercing, not a clit piercing The Christina piercing is also known as the Venus piercing. It contrasts to the clit piercing the Christina piercing is placed a bit higher, where the labia meets. Where the clit piercing pierces the clit hood, the Christina is a surface piercing. Due to the anatomical differences concerning the upper meeting point of the labia the Christina piercing is not recommended for just anyone Read more
  • Snake bites the double lip piercing

    Lip piercings, they are very popular amongst women. But when the lip gets pierced double it suddenly also becomes acceptable amongst men. This 'double labret' piercing has a very rebellious character and makes a clear statement. That is way the double lip piercings are mostly worn by those who have a strong appeal towards body modification. In this blog the snake bites piercing, rebellious, a bit dark but sexy as hell.   Snake bites, labrets or circular barbells?   The snake bites are placed below the lower lip well before the corner of the mouth. It is important that you choose an experienced piercer for the snake bites because symmetry is very important. The name comes obviously from the Read more
  • Lip piercings, which piercing type?

    We already discussed al the different lip piercings in a previous blog. But that blog focused on the position of the piercing but not on the type of piercing you can wear in your lip. Therefore another blog that will discuss the different kinds of piercings you can wear in and around your lip. Labret as the standard lip piercing The standard piercing to wear in you lip is the labret piercing. Labrets might also be very comfortable to wear on several places in and around the ear but the labret is originally meant for the lip. This because the labret has a specific element within its design to increase and maximize comfort. This element is the flat bottom you will find on every labret. In cont Read more

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