• Why a salt bath for your piercings

    Of course, the aftercare of your new piercing is extremely important. Good aftercare allows faster healing, prevents problems and allows you to enjoy your piercing optimally. An important subtype of the basic aftercare is the salt bath. What is it and why is it so good for your piercing wound? Salt (and minerals) for your piercing wound The big question that arises is naturally why? Why is a salt bath so good for your wound? Salt helps the healing process and fights infections. Many animals (we as well) have a salt depot under the skin. When the skin is damaged and an inflamed wound is created, the salt clusters together and the generation of macrophages is activated. Macrophages are cells Read more
  • 7 tips to let your piercing heal faster

    If you got a new piercing, for example a tragus piercing, you are already up to date about the standard hygiene rules. You regularly give it a salt bath, you keep your hands off it as much as possible and you protect it well against all kinds of dirt. However, you can do more than that. By following a healthy lifestyle, your piercing heals even faster. Therefore 7 health tips, that help you to let your piercing heal faster. Being healthy heals piercings It naturally speaks for itself, that someone, who lives healthy, has less physical complaints than someone, who doesn’t care about it at all. However, there is a lot of discussion going on about what is meant by a healthy lifestyle. In any Read more
  • Shooting piercings, why not?

    Everyone with an earring, not to confuse with ear piercings, directly knows what it is, a piercing gun. It might remind you most of a riveting machine. A small opening where the earlobe can be placed in between and ‘puff’ you have an earring. With a good deal of power the earring is pressed through the earlobe. Unfortunately, there are also people with ear piercings that exactly know what this kind of piercing gun is. Why should you never, but really never ever, get pierced with a gun?   Ignorance while shooting an ear piercing Especially at jeweller’s that also set piercings sometimes things go wrong. They offer to set tragus or helix piercings with their piercing gun. Even thou Read more
  • Cartilage piercings, set, not shot

    The cartilage piercing, officially it can be placed anywhere on the body as long as it goes through cartilage. In reality, this is mostly restricted to the nose and ear piercings. By far most people mean an ear piercing when they refer to a cartilage piercing. Although it's a very outdated practice there are still places where you can 'shoot' a cartilage piercing rather than have one set with a needle. Cartilage piercings, always set, never shot You might know the 'eargun' when you have an earring. It shoots an earring right through your earlobe with quite the amount of force. Back in the day this eargun was also regularly used to shoot cartilage piercings such as the helix or the tragus pie Read more
  • A tongue piercing and your teeth

    The tongue piercing is a very popular piercing worn by both women and men. Not that crazy since the tongue piercing is quite easy to hide, it carries a certain amount of rebelliousness and it has a strong sex appeal. But the tongue piercing is also often negatively viewed with erosion on the teeth as the main point of discussion. But to what extent is this true? Tongue piercing position As with most piercings, the position of the tongue piercing is very important. Not only concerning the visibility of the piercing but also when it comes down to your teeth. When a tongue piercing is placed relatively to the front the tongue piercing is more likely to touch your front teeth. This constant 'tic Read more

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