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  • All information about the clit piercing

    The clit piercing, an immensely popular genital piercing. Quite uncommon until just a few years ago. Since the beginning of the 90’s the clit piercing started to spread and is nowadays worn by a lot of women. The vagina can be decorated in many ways with body jewellery, but we will restrict ourselves to the clit piercing in this blog. The clit piercing is actually a clit hood piercing as it is placed slightly above the clit. Actually getting your clit pierced would come with a lot of risks as there are a lot of nerve endings present. That’s why you should always get properly informed before getting one. The clit piercing goes through the small hood that surrounds and protects the clit. Read more
  • Everything about the ball closure ring

    The Ball Closure Ring is a very widely applicable piercing type and therefore incredibly popular. We'll explain what it is exactly and where it can be used. We'll also give you some tips concerning placement as that’s one of the biggest challenges when it comes to Ball Closure Rings. About the ball closure ring The ball closure ring might also be known as the Captive Bead Ring or Captive Hoop. Also the abbreviation of Ball Closure Ring, BCR is often used. They all mean the same piercing, a ring with a small opening that holds a ball in place. This ball has two small dimples where the ring is supposed to be placed. Thanks to the pressure that the ring creates the ball stays firmly in place. Read more
  • All information about the nipple piercing

    Piercing the nipple is a classic type of body jewellery. There must be only a few people who have never heard about the nipple piercing. That doesn't mean there is nothing new to learn about the nipple piercing. Did you know if there is a minimum nipple size required to pierce a nipple? What about pregnancy and nipple piercings? Can you breastfeed with a nipple piercing? About the nipple piercing The nipple piercing is often seen as a non-stimulating sexual piercing, similar to the Christina piercing. Both men and women wear this sexy piercing every day. But having a nipple piercing is not the same experience for everyone. There is a lot of difference between one set of nipples and the other Read more
  • All information about the nose piercing

    The nose piercing is a very popular and common piercing with a rich background history. There are several piercing types which are meant to be worn as a nose piercing. That’s why Piercing Mania wrote this blog to give you an overview of each nose piercing type. About the nose piercing The nose piercing is a piercing almost exclusively worn by women, except for the septum piercing which is worn by both. The nose piercing as it is commonly known originates from India. Getting the left nostril pierced would increase the fertility of women. Which is why most women get their nose pierced on, or just before, their wedding day. Getting your nose pierced in western civilization is done for apparel Read more
  • All information about the labret piercing

    Piercing Mania likes to inform you properly and completely when it comes down to body jewellery. We have studied all kinds of piercing types. In this article, we will inform you about the ‘labret piercing’. The Labret - The piercing The word labret is derived from the latin word ‘ labrum’ which means ‘lip’. Although this suggest that this piercing is going through the lip itself, this is not always the standard. There are a lot of places where you can place a labret piercing. Below you can find the three most popular types of their place around the mouth: - The labret: this classic and often worn type is placed between the lower lip and the chin. If you look at it horizontally, Read more

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