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  • All information about the eyebrow piercing

    The possibilities concerning body jewellery might seem endless. Yet, most piercing types are relatively new, as is the eyebrow piercing. Although is might seem like a tremendously popular type of piercing it originates from the 70’s. As a continuation on the ‘All information about piercings’ blog we will now treat the eyebrow piercing. About the eyebrow piercing The history of the eyebrow piercing is relatively short. Were other piercing types tend to have a history dating back thousands of years, the eyebrow piercing finds its origin in the 70’s. In this period, there is a lot of experimenting with body modification going on. As the piercing started to rise in popularity it was the Read more
  • Everything about fake piercings

    There are piercings in many different shapes and sizes, there are even those which aren't even a real piercing. Fake piercings give the impression of a real piercing without the need to pierce your body. For many people, this can be an ideal solution for different problems. The fake piercing Fake piercings have many different types. You can wear them as a nose piercing, lip piercing, ear piercing and more. Many people use a fake piercing to see how they would look like if they decide to take a real piercing. Obviously, this is a smart and quick way to assess whether you really want to have a piercing. There are also many people who decide that a piercing is not really their thing after r Read more
  • Everything about the lip piercing

    The lip piercing is a piercing which is frequently worn by both men and women. This is not surprising since the lip can be pierced in many different ways. In fact, with regard to the area around the lips, and the lips themselves there are almost unlimited possibilities. Some extra information about the most common varieties and the potential piercings that can be worn doesn't hurt. Many common lip piercings Monroe Probably the most famous lip piercing of all lip piercings. Named after the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe, this piercing is set in the upper left of the upper lip. Almost always, they wear a labret piercing in this spot. Madonna This piercing type is exactly the same as the Read more
  • All information about the cartilage piercing

    Cartilage earrings are one of the most popular piercing types. The ear can be pierced in many different ways. Just take a look at these ten popular ear piercings. Still, the tragus and the helix piercing are the most popular of all. That’s why Piercing Mania gives you the most important qualities of these two body jewelry types. Tragus piercing The tragus piercing is one of the most popular ear piercings there is. It pierces the small piece of cartilage that lies directly before the ear canal. Especially after 2005 the popularity of the tragus piercing started to rise fast. One of the possible causes was the fact that Scarlett Johansen was spotted with one, around the same time, just befo Read more
  • All about the circular barbell

    The circular barbell, a ring-shaped piercing that can be worn in many different places. This blog will briefly point out its possibilities and most important features. About the circular barbell The circular barbell is a surprisingly convenient piercing type. Also known as the horseshoe, this piercing offers many options. The circular barbell roughly offers the same options as the ball closure ring. Lip piercing: The lip offers a neat position for the circular barbell. Both the balls of the circular barbell will fall onto the lip making them clearly visible and creating a nice effect. Spikes aren’t recommended as they might annoyingly keep pinching your lip. Tragus piercing: The tragus p Read more

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