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  • A new ear piercing, the first five

    Piercing the ear has always been very popular. Especially the regular earring, which has always been the number 1 ear piercing. But there are a whole lot of other possibilities to pierce an ear. Most will be familiar with the tragus and helix piercing, but, wat about the Conch? Or the Scapha? That’s why Piercing Mania made two blogs covering the top ten ear piercings. Besides their location on the ear, we will also point out other important or convenient characteristics. We also made short lists for the types of piercings that can be worn in each ear piercing. This blog will cover the first five ear piercings, the Anti-helix, the Vertical-helix, the Scpaha, the Conch and the Tragus piercin Read more
  • All information about piercing accessories

    The piercing accessories page on Piercing Mania is filled with bars, balls and other loose piercing parts. You can use them in clever ways to your advantage. You can assemble your very own piercing, repair or upgrade any old or broken piercings. But the accessories page might also come in handy when you have a nickel allergy. Make your own piercing With the products you’ll find in the accessories category, you can make your very own piercing from scratch. Not only fun to do but also very convenient. All you need to do is select your preferred bar and add two balls. Are you for example planning on making your own belly piercing? A standard belly button piercing has a top ball of 5 mm and Read more
  • All information about barbells

    The barbell piercing is the most basic piercing type. It consists of a simple straight bar with a ball on either end, available in a wide range of sizes. You’ll find barbells applicable for ear piercings, tongue piercings, nipple piercings, eyebrow piercings and clit piercings. Reason for Piercing Mania to offer you a blog with the most frequent uses for the barbell. Barbell as a tongue piercing The tongue piercing is always a barbell. A barbell of 16 mm in length and 1.6 mm thick. This size is always different when you just got pierced. The tongue swells up which creates the need for some extra length. Once healed the tongue will shrink to its original size allowing you to switch to a no Read more
  • Everything about the belly button piercing

    Depending if you are already familiar with our piercing blog, we like to inform you properly. As mentioned in our article with all piercing information collected, we explain every kind of piercing type. In this article, we will tell you more about the most popular piercing, namely the belly button piercing. Although it seems to be logical at first that a belly button piercing goes ‘through the belly button’, it’s not entirely correct. Usually, this piercing is shot above the belly button, through the skin between the belly button and the belly itself. In a few cases, the piercing could actually be put through the belly button itself, but the belly button needs to protrude to get this Read more
  • All information about the dermal piercing

    Body jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes, some better known than others. You can get pierced nearly everywhere. With so many options to get pierced, it might get a bit overwhelming and confusing. Following up on ‘All information about piercings’, we’ll discuss the dermal piercing. The dermal piercing, also known as a micro dermal, is one of the more recent developments within body jewellery. Although this piercing type already exists for a while, it’s popularity is especially increasing the last few years. Probably because the dermal piercing can be placed everywhere. Another reason could be using dermal piercings to give a tattoo a finishing touch. Getting a dermal piercing T Read more

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