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  • About the piercing types

    Piercings come in all shapes and sizes. You can practically pierce any place on your body and most places have certain sizes or even special body jewellery. Piercing Mania made sure that you can easily access all the necessary information required to make the best decisions. As an follow up on the All information about piercings blog we will briefly discuss the different piercings types. Searching piercing by type or body part? Piercing Mania has designed her website in such a way that you can search for body jewellery in two easy ways. You either search on piercing types or on the body part you want to place your new piercing. Because most piercing types can be worn on several places on t Read more
  • Why a salt bath for your piercings

    Of course, the aftercare of your new piercing is extremely important. Good aftercare allows faster healing, prevents problems and allows you to enjoy your piercing optimally. An important subtype of the basic aftercare is the salt bath. What is it and why is it so good for your piercing wound? Salt (and minerals) for your piercing wound The big question that arises is naturally why? Why is a salt bath so good for your wound? Salt helps the healing process and fights infections. Many animals (we as well) have a salt depot under the skin. When the skin is damaged and an inflamed wound is created, the salt clusters together and the generation of macrophages is activated. Macrophages are cells Read more
  • Piercing materials

    Piercings come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a wide variety of materials. In our previous blog ‘All information about piercings’ we started with a brief history of the piercing and went on about getting pierced and giving it the appropriate aftercare. This blog will continue with the available piercing materials. The most important piercing materials It might always occur that you find piercings made of (or having parts made of) materials that are not in this blog. This blog will only address the most important and most common materials: 316L surgical steel Gold plated Titanium Solid gold Acrylic Bio-flex Titanium plated Wood Organic 316L surgical steel By far the most c Read more
  • All information about piercings

    The search for a new piercing is a search which nowadays takes place on the internet. In contrast to traditional piercing studio’s, online shops tend to have more choice and lower prices. What’s often missing is a sufficient stream of essential information required to make a well reasoned purchased. That’s why Piercing Mania is offering you all the information you need about piercings and more. Because there is so much to tell about piercings, and you don't need to know everything, a short overview of the main chapters. The history of piercings Getting pierced Healing your new piercing Piercing materials Piercing types Buying your piercing online, the shoppers guide The standard sizes Read more
  • A new ear piercing, the other five

    Ear piercings, in general, are probably the most common type of piercing, especially including the earring. Besides the earring, the ear offers a lot of ways to get pierced. That's why Piercing Mania made a short list of the top ten ear piercings. The first five ear piercings were already discussed on our previous blog. They were the Anti-helix, the Vertical helix, the Scapha, the Conch and the Tragus piercing. In this second blog, we will continue with the other five. The Helix, the Rook, the Snug, the Daith and the Anti-tragus piercing. Do you know another type of ear piercing that you think should be on this list? Or do you have another useful tip concerning ear piercing? Let us know t Read more

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