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  • The Helix and Tragus piercing

    Piercings come in many shapes and sizes. Being informed before getting a piercing is crucial however if you already have a piercing then it is always useful to get some further information, especially with helix and tragus piercing as this can sometimes be confusing. What piercings are suitable for these piercings and which are not? And what is exactly the difference? Here we go into a little more into detail about the following topics: -          Helix/ cartilage piercing -          Tragus piercing -          Industrial barbell   Helix/ Cartilage piercing The helix piercing is the same as a cartilage piercing. This piercing has been very popular because of it Read more
  • Basic need to know information on the labret

    Piercings come in many shapes and sizes. Being informed before getting a piercing is crucial, however if you already have a piercing then it is always useful to get some further information. Now we will talk about the labret. The word labret is derived from the Latin word ‘labrum’ which is translated as lip, while this implies that the labret piercing is for the lip is it not only used for the lip. There are several options in terms of where you can put the labret piercing, the name labret is an umbrella term for multiple piercings. Below are the three most popular types and position of labrets. The labret: this is a classic and mostly is worn as ear piercings or in the lip. The medusa: Read more
  • The different types of Stretchers

    Ear Stretchers come in a wide variety and have different purposes. With this blog, you have all the information you need to know to which differences there are between the five categories of tapers. -          The stretcher (straight taper) -          The curve taper -          The buffalo taper -          The spiral taper -          The stirrup hanger       The Stretcher (straight taper) The classic stretcher is called the straight taper. As the name implies it is a straight bar which varies in thickness. Ideally the taper is positioned so that nothing hangs over the front of the earlobe and is held in place by O-rings (small rub Read more
  • The different types of Ear Tunnels and Ear Plugs

    Tunnels and plugs come in various shapes and sizes. It is always a  good idea to educate yourself before getting a piercing, but also when you already have a piercing it can be useful to be well informed. The standard earring is well known to everyone. However, an emerging trend has been introduced, stretching the earlobe with a decorated plug or tunnel. But there is confusion about the difference between a tunnel and plug. So we will discuss the main differences: -          The tunnel versus the plug -          No-flare -          Single-flare -          Double flared -          Screw-fit The difference between the tunnel and the plug The te Read more
  • Belly button bars of 8, 11 or 12 mm

    Like so many of our other products, the belly button piercing bar has a standard length of 10mm. This length is normally a comfortable size for everyone to wear however it may be that you find 10mm still too short or long. Sometimes a different length can significantly improve comfort. It may also be that you choose a different material. For example, if you have a nickel allergy then a medical grade stainless steel bar is not suitable. Fortunately, we have loose bars of pure titanium so that you have the chose to pick a nice suitable navel piercing.  Normally a surgical steel bar is not a problem however if do experience an allergic reaction then watch out. Changing your belly button bar Read more

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