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  • Lip piercings, which piercing type?

    We already discussed al the different lip piercings in a previous blog. But that blog focused on the position of the piercing but not on the type of piercing you can wear in your lip. Therefore another blog that will discuss the different kinds of piercings you can wear in and around your lip. Labret as the standard lip piercing The standard piercing to wear in you lip is the labret piercing. Labrets might also be very comfortable to wear on several places in and around the ear but the labret is originally meant for the lip. This because the labret has a specific element within its design to increase and maximize comfort. This element is the flat bottom you will find on every labret. In cont Read more
  • Tragus piercings, a new category

    The tragus piercing, one immense popular piercing that is worn by a lot of people. Not that strange since ear piercing already have been quite popular and the tragus is of course no exception. But it can sometimes be a bit confusing when searching for new tragus piercings. Therefore we created the new tragus piercing category to make the search a little bit easier. The tragus piercing The tragus, the small piece of cartilage right in front of year ear canal. Discreet yet clearly visible. The tragus piercing seems to have a lot of appeal to many different types of people. But not only to people, also to piercings. That goes for a lot of piercings in the ear in general. A lot of different pier Read more
  • Helix piercings, a quickly sorted selection

    The helix piercing, along with the tragus piercing one of the most frequent ear piercings. Pierced through the edge of your ear the helix can hold a wide variety of piercings. Although there are specific helix piercing which only can only be worn in the helix there are also numerous other piercings (like the labret piercing and the tragus piercing) that are suited for the helix. To make the search easier we came up with a new category, the helix piercing category. The helix piercing The helix piercing refers to the piercing on the outer edge of your ear, through the cartilage shell. The helix is visible from both the back of the ear and the front. Because the piercing is near the edge there Read more
  • Dermal piercings, what can you do with them?

    Dermal piercing, the smallest piercings that exist. With their dermal ‘anchor’ they are different from other piercings and can be placed everywhere on your skin. By this the dermal offers a totally new range of possibilities. One dermal as piercing Lets start with the simplest possibility, and that’s of course one dermal piercing. Thanks to its anchor, that doesn’t have to pierce the skin, but is placed between the second and third skin layer, it can nearly be worn everywhere. Especially the breast is an often occurring choice for women. Several dermals as piercing The possibilities just get really big if you begin to work with several dermals.  You can make (small) figures, work wi Read more
  • 5 ear piercings for your earlobe

    Ear piercings are already popular for quite some years now, for instance the helix piercing. They are piercings, that aren’t seen as piercings by a lot of people, but they still have a different radiance than other earrings. But that’s not only due to the location, piercings also often have a more rebellious and stronger radiance. What if you don’t have any further piercings, but, you want to wear a piercing? Then you simply wear it in your earring. The thickness of your earring Earrings actually don’t differ that much from other piercings. Except that earrings are shot most of the time instead of being set by hand, the normal earring also goes through your skin. The difference lies Read more

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